Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unexplained Highs

High! Good Morning from a chilly (37 degrees F) Virginia!
OK...for 24 hours now Kacey hasnt had a reading under 200! We went nearly 2 weeks with readings in range and now we're back to fighting the highs! Diabetes SUCKS! *sad*

She woke up with a 204 and didn't want to eat because her tummy hurt and her head hurt *sad* She pulled the covers back up over her head and I knew she was gonna have a serious case of the "grumpies". I went and got the kit....sure enough...a reason to be grumpy! So... yesterday her readings were:

168 when she woke up and told me she felt bad
324 @ 9am
227 @ 12pm
262 @ 1pm and still complaining she felt bad
214 @ 5pm
331 @ 8pm
251 @ 10pm
209 @ 6:30am this morning what? Any idea what this means?

She still doesnt feel like going to school today. Since her castle project is due tomorrow, I told her we would take it to school and get her missed work from yesterday and today and then go back home. She started crying because she didn't even want to get out of bed *sad* I hate this! I hate the way this makes her feel! Go away Diabetes! We were doing so good for 2 weeks and now reason for the high! Shes not eating anything different. The only sweet thing she had was the cupcake the day before yesterday and its been a steady rise in sugars since then. Surely a cupcake couldnt of stirred things back up....could it?

Any other advice other than water and rest?

We're still so new to all this! If I give her Humalog at a meal and 2 hours later shes still we give more Humalog and risk a low or do we wait and give her more with her next meal? I'm guessing since we're still in the honeymoon that its a waiting game and you risk that serious low if you give too much. Grrrr! Ive never been good at mind games and this is definately like playing a game of checkers. The next move could wipe you out and take your king... or the next move could be victory with a jump. I guess I need to ask that question. We've just been told to give Humalog with each meal or anytime her snack is over 15 carbs....then give Lantus at night....thats it! Yesterday she ran so high she didnt even want a snack in between meals like she usually eats. She just kept saying her tummy hurt *sad*

I faxed blood sugar numbers to her doctor from the last week so they should be calling me within the next day or so. Maybe they have an explained reason for this?

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers :)


Cara said...

Highs have been plaguing me for the past 2 days. I can't get my blood sugars down for anything. No idea why... Sigh. There must be something in the air. :P

Jill said... think its Halloween? ***plays the ghostly moaning music*** Hahaha! Now you wanna hear something funny....

She woke up at a 209...went up to a 285 @ 8am...181 @ 9am...then she scream shes hungry at 10am! Ummm ok lets test since its snack time. She says to me... "I know Im low!" LOW?!?! She tests and she is an 84 @ 10am!! I blinked and looked again...yep 84!! So she had some peanuts cuz she was "starving". Its now 1pm and she just had lunch...when she tested for lunch....shes STILL an 84!! How does that happen? LOL...ok so Im secretly hoping that ugly monster went back on vacation *smile* Its nice to have my little girl back :)

Something else that crossed my mind...Her insulin pen wasnt due for the 28day expiration til Nov 6th...but Im wondering since its close to the end of the pen (about 50 units left) if maybe it went bad? I opened a new pen and so shes sitting at an 84... could that have been the reason? Bad insulin? Ahhhhh...whatever the reason...Im glad shes back in range (for now!)

Sorry for your highs :( You think the Snickers Monster is visiting you during the night and forcing you to eat those candy bars? Heehee! Sure hope it comes down for you soon :) Dont forget to take pics of the "Cara-boo" costume (too cute!)

Jill said... didnt last long :( She was back up to a 319 @ 2pm and then a 352 @ 5pm for dinner and she never even had anything to eat after lunch!!! Grrrrrr! Thankfully shes still got a smile on her face and was actually crying cuz she wanted to go to school tomorrow since its the last day of the week and then they have a 5 day break. So I guess we'll see how she feels in the morning :)

Anonymous said...

Jill, DIABETES SUCKS!!! That is the only explanation I can find for Nikki's wild and crazy highs. She's been running high for the last week or so and I have no idea why. I'm hanging on until our apointment in a couple of weeks - Honestly, I think that the unexplained numbers are part of this terrible disease and the only way to combat it is by constant testing - Keep me posted and hang in there!!!!!!!!