Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cat Knows?

Hello! My name is Miley and I live within the walls of the West household. I came to live with them on Christmas Eve 2007. Daddy West brought me home on his lap in a rough riding pick up truck, I was so scared! I was a scrawny little kitten and I barely fit in Momma West's hands. I was immediately greeted by some very excited children named Kayleigh & Kacey. They were so loving and kept picking me up. Over the last 11 months, I've been so loved and cared for. Momma West feeds me and gives me water. Daddy West is always chasing me off his side of the bed but I know he loves me. Kayleigh likes to rough play with me and I try to bite her but its really cuz I love her. But Kacey holds a special place with me. When I was just a kitten, I would get up in Kaceys dollhouse and watch her play. She never pushed me out. She would pet me and snuggle me...which I love! I'd purr and let her wrap me in a blanket and carry me like a baby. When Kacey got sick in July, I knew something was wrong but I couldnt talk to tell everyone she was so sick. When Kacey came home from the hospital, I didnt leave her side. I would go in and lay in her bed with her because I knew she felt bad. Every day she's been sick, I dont go very far from her. I watch over her and make sure I alert Momma West if something is wrong. One time I kept saying "Meow....meow...meowwwwww" until Momma West knew something was wrong and tested Kaceys sugar. It was high...and I knew it was....because Im smart! I think I know Kacey is getting sick before she even does! When she feels bad, I sit next to her and purr or I sit close to her and keep watch so no one bothers her. Shes so brave and we have fun playing together. I will always watch over her!


Lynnea said...

That's pretty cool. I've heard of dogs sensing blood sugars, but not cats.

Jill said...

Yeah its weird! She follows Kacey and just sorta "keeps guard" LOL!