Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank You...Neal Steele!!

Kacey with Neal Steele from 99.1 WXGM radio

Kacey sitting in the interview chair with the mic (Rufus tucked on her lap)
I'm just getting home from the interview at the radio station this morning! Wowwwww! What a great guy! I must say that Neal Steele from 99.1 WXGM was wonderful this morning! He made Kacey feel very comfortable and she was prepared to answer all of his questions! ;) He asked her all about her she feels about it....and then about the Walk to a Cure shes doing on Saturday. He reached in his pocket during the interview and gave her $30 right on the spot!!! VERY COOL!! So now I have to keep watch on the JDRF Walk website and see if anyone registers and donates :) A HUGE Thank You to Mr. Steele and everyone at 99.1 FM for sharing their air time with us and letting us educate the community about Type 1 Diabetes and JDRF.
When we got to school, we had several teachers stop us and tell Kacey how "grown up" she sounded and how proud they were of her! Talk about a confidence boost :) I've said it before....and I'll say it again.... My Daughter is my HERO!


Cara said...

She looks like she was having fun! :) And getting the word out. People listen to kids way more than they listen to us "vets" of diabetes. :) But that's okay. Because any attention is good attention when it comes to raising money for the cure. :) I hope you guys do great!

Jill said...

Thanks Cara!! I told Kacey the same thing about getting the word out! It didnt matter if we didn't raise any money from the radio interview...I was just happy to go on there and talk about JDRF and what they do for kids. I know for Kacey, theyve been wonderful and sent her the Bag of Hope with the bear names Rufus. He's been her "best friend" the past 3 months and even though shes 8 years old...its one toy that wont make her leave behind! He's starting to look a bit rough...but after all... he has Type 1 *wink* and there are days Kacey looks rough too! *giggle* Anyway...back to my point....the man at the radio station wasnt aware that Type 1's have to test so often and so it gave Kacey that confidence boost she needed. wish could figure out how to upload it so could share it! She did so good!!

Jennifer said...

How cool! What a great experience for her.

Anonymous said...

Go Kacey, Go Kacey!