Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We took the girls to Pumpkinville on Sunday so they could get their pumpkins to carve this Friday at Nae-Nae's house. They had really good time :) It wasnt too busy and we walked out to the pumpkin patch for them to pick the pumpkins. They were able to ride the hayride and go thru the corn maze too.
We also had another bake sale on Sunday. It was only a high of 47 degrees and Kayleigh and I managed to stay out there til 2pm. OMG it was so cold! It wasn't busy at all either but we held out hope that as the day went on more people would come out....but sadly they didn't...so we only ended up making $47 for JDRF...compared to $108 last Sunday. BUT... thats $155 closer to a cure!
Tomorrow is the big day for the radio interview. I'm starting to feel a little nervous so I made some notes...just so I don't forget anything :) We have to be there at 7am so once I take Kacey to school, I will blog about it!
Also...for one solid week Kacey's blood sugars have been in range. I'm thrilled! She's still doing her own shots and doesnt want us doing them now...LOL!
Till later...


Cara said...

Pumpkins!!!!!! :)

Jill said...

LOL! Ohhhhh we had so much fun!!! And the best part was...as much excitement as we had... we didn't let "big D" get the best of us and her sugar never went over 200....YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!