Friday, October 17, 2008

Call me.... C-R-A-Z-Y!! me crazy...but I've decided to become an Assistant Brownie Troop Leader for the Girl Scout troop that Kacey is going to be signing up for! She wanted to do this last year and I just couldn't find the time. So now that hockey season is over and the meetings will only be once a week...I think Im ready! The troop will be a new troop and her cousin and a few friends are interested in doing it. Beacuse the troop is new, everyone will be starting out at the same level...which is nice because then the whole troop will fly up to Juniors together next year :) She is very excited about everything! We dug out Kayleigh's vest with all her patches and I was showing her what all the patches meant. I think this could be exactly what Kacey needs :) I do want her to go back to playing softball....but for now she needs that involvement with a small circle of friends. So I will know more soon about when the meetings are and how many we have signed up.

On another good note...I know I shouldnt say too much and jinx myself....but for the last 4 days Im pleased to say Kacey's blood sugars have been IN RANGE and she hasnt had anything over a 184 ~smiles big~ Shes felt better than shes ever felt and shes still giving all of her own shots. I just cant believe how shes taken over doing it all! Shes only had 2 lows and one was a 75 and the other a 78...both at dinner...and both times she didnt have an afternoon snack. So Im guessing thats what it was and Im not worried about it :) Im just thankful she's stayed in range and most of all....shes felt good!

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Cara said...

I don't think you're crazy....I've thought about doing it and I don't even have any kids!! :)
I liked my time in Brownies and Girl Scouts. It was fun and I'm sure they still do many of the things we did when we were kids.