Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exciting news!!

OMG...I can't believe its been 5 days since I blogged last. This past weekend was so busy and I never had time to get on here. Sorry :) BUTTTTTTTTTT....I do have some really exciting news!!!

First... Happy 3 month Dia-versary to Kacey.

It's been 3 months today since her diagnosis and Im pleased to announce that this morning ..... SHE DID HER OWN SHOT!!!! Yep...thats right... shes 8 years old...and she put the needle together as I figured up her dose and she dialed it up on the Kwik pen and did her own shot right in the top of her leg :) Im soooooo proud of her and how she's handling her diabetes!! She's my hero!! I was so wrapped up in watching her do the shot that I didnt get a pic so I'll get those tonight :D

I'll update about my weekend later....I just had to get on here and share the good news :)



Anonymous said...

GOOOOO KACEY!!!! Wow, that is such a monumental step!!!! I got chills when I read your blog. I remember the first time Nikki did that, you are torn between pride that she can do it herself and sorrow that she has to; so WAY TO GO MOM!!!

Nikki is sitting here with me before school and she wanted me to say YEAH KACEY! She'll send her a note after school.

As far as the pumps go, I would defintely look into Cozmo; but I'm sure Mini Med (who I still love) will have made similar advances. However, Cozmo is less expensive initially and the supplies cost less, something to think about. Nikki honestly picked it because of the color (and that's what a 10 year should do LOL) then I researched it to make sure it would be an upgrade for us. So far I'm very impressed and I LOVE all the alarms that remind me to THINK; we can get so wrapped up in one area that we forget to check out another.

Love ya! Kiss Kacey from me and Nikki

Anonymous said...

This reminded me (forgot to say it earlier) On April 6 each year we celebrate Nikki's "Liveabetes" (as opposed to DIabetes).

Jill said...

Awww thanks Sheri!!! She was so proud of herself this morning :) She woke up at a first of all she actually felt good! Then when she asked to do it alone...I asked "Are you sure?" but I didnt want her to think I was trying to do it for her. After she did it we both ended up crying...happy tears (altho some of mine were sad). Like you said...I was torn cuz I was happy she'd gotten to this point in only 3 months...but sad because I hate seeing her go thru this! This just means shes one step closer to being able to take care of her diabetes herself. When she got to school, the first thing she did was tell everyone she did her own shot :) To some, it didn't mean much... but to us it meant everything! She also just did her shot for lunch on her own :) So thats twice....YAYYYY!

Thanks for the pump info! I will definately look into it :)

Cara said...

Woo-hoo!!! :)