Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Test Strips DO Grow Legs!

Hmmm....OK I had to giggle when I walked in the bathroom earlier! I'd just read a blog online yesterday that made me laugh because it was about test strips showing up in the funniest places...and I kept thinking OMG how does that happen? When we test Kacey at home, I do everything at the table and I put all the used supplies in a milk jug and put the top on so theres really no way that the little strip can grow legs and end up anywhere else....BOY WAS I WRONG! ***see the pics below***

Miley...what do you have under that paw?

OMGGGGGGGG! A test strip!!!
Hahaha dont ask me how she got it or where she found it but she was having a fun time batting it around the bathroom floor! LOL and she was mad when I took it from her and trashed it!
So...thats proof...no matter how careful you are about getting supplies into the trash...those damn test strips DO grow legs! Hahaha!

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