Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mommy is in Control....or is She?

Kacey had an EXCELLENT day! The plan that we worked out was a good one! I think we finally figured out how to manage things at school...lol...it only took us 3 weeks! She went to test at 12:30pm and then went to lunch with her friends (without Mom) and then she went back to the nurse to get her shot at 12:50pm. At 12:55pm my phone rings...

Kacey: Hi Mommy!

Me: Hi Sweetie! How was your sugar for lunch?

Kacey: It was a 112!

Me: Thats great! Did you figure up your dose?

Kacey: I sure did! I get 2 units cuz I didnt need a correction dose and I already got my shot and Im going back to class. See you this afternoon

Me: OK I love you!

Kacey: Love you too Mommy! Bye!

Me: Bye!

*sighs heavy*

She went to the nurse...figured up her dose...called me to recheck....and went on her merry way! I talked to the nurse this afternoon and she told me that Kacey told her we practiced over the weekend and she was shocked when Kacey figured it all up herself *smiles* So I think we've solved the issue we were having *wink* And...I gave Kacey a bit of her independence back doing it! So it worked out for everyone! I did explain to Kacey that if there were days she didnt feel like figuring it out then all she had to do was call me before the shot and Id make sure it was done right! She said she still wanted to call me everyday to make sure she was getting it right anyway! I agreed that was a good idea :)

This afternoon went a bit wacky! Frankie got home early from work so he went with me to pick Kacey up and then we came back home since Kay was still at hockey practice. Kacey got her homework done and went in her room to play while I cleaned up the house and Frankie did a few things outside. I decided that I was going to leave Kacey at the house while I went to pick Kay up from practice. Not even 5 miles up the road, my phone rings....

Me: Yes Dear?

Kacey: Hi Mommy!

Me: Oh Hey Baby! I thought it was Daddy.

Kacey: I just tested and Im low!


Kacey: Its only a 78 but Daddy said to call you so he knows what to do *giggles*

Me: Did you tell Daddy what to do? (by this point I can tell Im on speaker phone)

Kacey: I did but he said "Call your Momma and make sure!"

Me: OK...well go on and eat dinner and I'll be home soon

Frankie: So its ok to feed her?

Me: LOL Yes feed her! You have to bring her up!

Frankie: OK bye!

Me: Bye!

5 minutes later....

Me: Hello?

Frankie: I got her dinner but do I have to give her a shot?

Me: Yes...if its over 30 carbs!

Frankie: OK...let me figure this up *pause* 52 carbs ... so she needs a shot then?

Me: Thats over 30, right? *giggles*

Frankie: Yes... ok bye!

Me: Bye!

2 minutes later....

Me: *giggles* Hello?

Frankie: I gave her the shot and she didnt cry *sounds proud*

Me: Thats great! I knew you could do it!

Frankie: OK see you in a little bit!

Me: Bye!

LOL...so I think everyone is hitting milestones around here today :) I got back home thinking I still had dinner to do...then girls had homework....we all needed baths...and the thought overwhelmed me! When I got home I walked into a house where dinner was made...dishes were washed...and Kacey was taken care of! Wowwww! Talk about a sigh of relief! So I ate dinner and heard Frankie call me from the other room. I went in there and my bath water was already run!!! OMGGGGG! I wanted to ask why he was buttering me up...but I figured Id save an argument ...haha! I heard him tell the girls NOT to knock on the bathroom door for anything because Mommy needed a break! *grin* So either "stress" was written across my face or he finally woke up to see that I was really needing some down time! I took 30 min and just relaxed...not thinking about a single thing... ok well maybe I did think about something...hahaha...but I wasnt in any hurry to rush back out to life!

Id say it was a great day with lots of progress! So thats great news :)

Til tomorrow....


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