Sunday, August 3, 2008

First "Long" Day Out

Today was the first time we actually decided to go out for an extended period. We took the girls over to Busch Gardens around 3pm and we stayed there til 10pm. Kacey did REALLY well considering she'd had a low earlier in the day. We took her into the Festhaus around 5pm and she did her finger stick in public and then ate her dinner and did her injection in public. I was SOOO proud of her! So then around 8:30pm we knew it was getting close to her bedtime dose and she was going to need her snack so we went to the Kinetix show. This gave us a chance to sit down and relax as well. It was VERY hot and she was drinking water but she needed a break. So we sat down in the front row since the show wasnt due to start until 9pm. We got her finger stick kit out and I could sense the black woman behind me staring. Frankie said she was giving her husband a weird look and then looking back to what we were doing. So we did the finger stick and she was a 93 ... she was a 95 at she was dropping. She had her snack and then it was time to do her large night dose of insulin. Well the same woman was having a mini "freak out" but we totally ignored her and praised Kacey for being so brave in public :) We came home and her sugar was still on the low end so she had milk and vanilla wafers before bed! :D I'm just so pleased at how well she handled herself in public today. We're making progress!!!

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