Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Follow Up Appt @ CHKD

We had our follow up appointment at CHKD this afternoon. This was the first time we had ever been to the sattelite office so it was really nice! Makes it much easier to go there instead of that long drive to Norfolk!!

OK...sooo ...I asked what Kaceys A1c was when we got to the hospital and it was 10.5% (not good!) The nurse we spoke to was VERY nice and she explained things soooo much easier and in terms that Kacey could understand :) We signed up for the carnival on the 11th so that should be tons of fun and we heard some exciting news as well...they are giving away tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert...woohoo! The girls were thrilled! They decided to change Kaceys dose of Lantis from 24 units at night to 20 units. Seems she's hit her "Honeymoon" stage and so shes not needing as much insulin. No idea on how long this will last....somewhere between 2wks to possibly 2 years....yikes! I asked about the pump and she said that once Kacey got thru this honeymoon stage and her levels stabilize then we can think about the pump. Not sure about Kaceys feelings on it yet. She made mention to not wanting it because she wanted to just take her shot and get on with it and not worry about pumping. So I guess we'll see when the time comes.

A bit of good news....Kacey took her shots in her tummy today and she said it was MUCH easier! We talked to the nurse about it and she really made a big deal of it to Kacey and it made her feel really good! She told Kacey to try doing the Lantis in her tummy too because it wont hurt as much since shes got that little fat roll there. She could also take it in her hip fat. Then she encouraged her to try her finger sticks herself. So this evening she took her Lantis in her tummy and didnt even cry! Then she did her own finger stick!!! I was sooooo proud of her and how far shes come in just 2 weeks!

On a sad note....Kacey made me cry. After all her shots and finger sticks...she was getting ready for bed and had this sad look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she teared up and said "Mommy why do I have to have diabetes?" Well I choked up and couldnt hold back tears and the only logical answer I could give her was "Because God thinks youre special! I bet he thought you were such a big girl and he knew you could help other kids your age and all the grown ups in our family learn more about diabetes." Geesh....what else could I say to her? I ask myself the same question every day.... God, why us? Why Kacey? and one day Im sure I will know the answer but right now its just not time for me to!

OK...til tomorrow :)

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