Monday, March 4, 2013


While we are fighting all of these puberty battles, it's not too often that we have many lows or even lows that last very long. But occassionally, Kacey body goes into "working" mode and it's almost as if she has a complete and functioning pancreas. Diabetes seems to rear it's ugly face most at night. This night that I am speaking of was a typical evening for us. She didn't have any extra activity or over correction of insulin. We came home from church youth group and both girls got cleaned up and got their jammies on. It was about 9:45pm and both of them went on to bed. Kacey checked her blood sugar and she was sitting at a 389 with a headache and feeling pretty crappy. She corrected and I got her some Motrin and off to sleep she went. The house was quiet and I decided to get myself cleaned up and got my jammies on. I settled down in bed watching the news and I don't even remember falling asleep. And what does that mean?!?! That means the 2am alarm never got set!!

I felt like I'd only been asleep for a few minutes when a scream came from the other room. A scream like nothing I've heard before. It was Kacey! I stumbled out of bed, arrived at her doorway still trying to focus and there she was crying hysterically and screaming out that her whole body was numb. She had her meter in her hand but she couldn't function to test her blood sugar. As I scrambled to test her, my eyes tried to focus on the time.... 4:15am! WHAT?!?! It was then that I realized the clock never got set. Panic set in as I tested her... 63.... I pulled out Dexcom as I pushed her to drink TWO full glasses of juice. My eyes welled up as I looked at the screen....

She had been low for over TWO HOURS!!! She layed there with her eyes closed as she waited for her blood sugar to come up. Silent tears rolled down my face as that sinking feeling set in. All the "what if's" started to flood my tired brain. What if she had not of called out to me? I would have continued sleeping and then when my internal clock decided to wake me up then how would I have found her? It scares me and makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it. "Dead In The Bed Syndrome" is one of my biggest fears. I hold my breath every morning at 2am and again at 6am when I wake her for to know that she was low for those two hours and it was MY fault for not setting the alarm...scared me so bad! I felt guilty and beat myself up for a few days. I made sure to set alarms on my iPhone instead that way I know they will always go off and I don't ever have to worry about missing that 2am check. Thank you God for allowing us to have the Dexcom G4 (even though we wish the low alarm was louder like the high alarm). Thank you God for protecting her and giving her just enough strength to call out to me. Thank you God for allowing me to hear her when she did call out.

After her blood sugar came up to a 156, I went back to my room to lay down. I was so scared and couldn't go back to sleep.

We NEED a cure!

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