Thursday, January 3, 2013


  1. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
Our youth pastor preached a sermon a few weeks ago that really struck something with me. The word JOY and what it stands for. Not the feeling of JOY but the real meaning of JOY.

Experiencing true JOY is putting Jesus first....Others second....and Yourself last.

That is pretty self explanitory. You should have Jesus first in everything you do. When you have Jesus at the center of your life then things start to fall into place but the moment you waiver from that then your life seems to be a disoriented mess. Maybe thats why this struck something with me. Lately I'd been living my life as OYJ....Others, Yourself, Jesus. I was doing for everyone else, then myself and then what time was left I gave to Jesus. Wrong....all wrong! I had to get back to JOY and things would start to come together again.

I'm a people pleaser, always have been and always will be. I like for those around me to be happy and I will do what I can to make the people closest to me smile. I've never had a problem putting Others before myself but I needed to put Jesus ahead of all of that!

I was putting myself before Jesus. Wrong again! I put others before myself so why wouldnt I put Jesus before them? After all, He is the reason I am forgiven. He is the reason that I can live my life. He is above all....FIRST! Thats where He needs to stay. My needs will come LAST in everything I do.

Once you put Jesus FIRST and Others SECOND....then your needs and wants WILL be fulfilled even though YOU are LAST :)

So today....I choose JOY.....How about you?



Amanda said...

Way to go, choosing Joy. Our church always tells us we should put things in this order, Jesus, Yourself, Your Husband (spouse), Your Kids, Others. I always thought it was crazy to put yourself before your husband or kids and to put husband before kids, but they (my church) says that you need to be happy to make everyone else happy and that kids grow up and move and you and your husband are left together.
Anyways, however you do it, its good to put Jesus first, you are so right! I kind of think in my own life it's Jesus, Kids, "Us", husband, others, me. But, it changes time to time depending on whats going on. Whichever the case, I am choosing Joy too! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Wishing you all the best. Always think positive and remember there are so many people who have diabetes but living a normal life. Stay happy!