Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Wedding Birthday

Yesterday evening, Frankie got a text to his phone from Kacey. It read, "Daddy don't forget tomorrow is yours and Mommys birthday." BIRTHDAY? We both started giggling because it's one of those Kaceyisms that end up sticking. Like a dear friend on Facebook said, it's the birth of our wedding so it's kind of a birthday. So instead of saying, "Happy Anniversary!", I will say "Happy Wedding Birthday!" to my wonderful husband today!

13 YEARS....no it's not an unlucky number...it's a number that shows how far we've come...a LONG way!! Its been a rough and bumpy ride but worth every bit.

Last year, I did a year in review so this year I will share our wedding day in pictures.
 Me & my brother
 Me & My girls
Me & My Mom
 My brother walked me down the aisle
 Wowwww...check out that mullet...heehee!
 Mr. & Mrs.
 Our Bridal Party
 OMG! Look how little Kayleigh was!
 Our First Dance.... "You Had Me At Hello" by Kenny Chesney
 Trying to eat...we only had a few bites before it was time to visit again.
 Our Toast....Frankie's best friend did the toast and his ending words, "May all of your ups and downs be under the sheets!" Hahahaha!
 Cutting the cake....the only thing that went wrong with our wedding. The cake was the wrong flavors and we only had one piece and that was the piece we exchanged right after this pic.
 Mommy/Daughter dance
 Happy Couple

And here we are...13 years later! Happy Wedding Birthday Baby!!!

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