Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Letter For Kayleigh

Kayleigh's senior project is drawing to a close. We're happy that it's almost over but we're also kind of sad. This journey has been amazing and we've been fortunate enough to meet some new people and get her cookbook out there.

A few weeks ago, she was interviewed for our local paper. We didn't know what would be posted and we through she was going to get a small little blurb in the food section about her book. We were pleasently surprised to find THIS....

She took up the whole front page of the Community News section! It was such a nice artice and we have to thank Mrs. Betty for writing it.

Then yesterday, we dropped by the mailbox to pick up some mail and she had a letter in the box addressed to her from the U.S. Senate. Hmmm....junk mail? As she opened it, I saw that it was a letter addressed directly to her and hand signed. WOWWWWWW!!!

So WHAT did it say???

HOLY COOLBEANS BATMAN!!!!! This is one of most awesome things she's ever recieved!!!!

She's worked hard and put in the hours of dedication and this is very well deserved.

There is still time to get your copy of the book if you haven't gotten it already. Feel free to find the book on Facebook by searching for Confections For A Cause. You can contact us there to get a copy. If you have a copy already, how do you like it? Want to write a review for her? Want to help her push her goal of money raised? We'll ship it to you!!! Check her book out on won't be sorry! (Melissa...we just checked mail and got your check and your book is going in the mail today! Thank you for your support!!!)

Kayleigh is due to present her project on April 23rd and she is holding a contest on the Facebook site. Go check it out and help her grow her fan base!

Much love to you all!

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Awesome on all fronts!