Monday, September 26, 2011

Making A List

....and checking it TWICE!

Lists. Lists. And More Lists!

I've always been a list maker. It's the only way I seem to keep my day organized. If I lose my list then I'm racking my brain with "What was on the list? What did I need to do? Dang it! I forgot my list!" I jot things down more often because in my busy days I seem to feel overwhelmed and unoranized without "MY LIST". Since the girls both have crazy schedules this year, I find myself feeling that "rushed" feeling each morning. What can we do to make the morning go smoother?


So last night, we made a list of the most important things we need to do each morning. The list is subject to change but at least we have a starting point.

This list got posted in 2 spots....the bathroom beside the "family calendar" and the back of the front door. This morning was the first day of using the new list. How did it go? Well I'm thrilled you asked! It went PERFECT! The morning was not spent asking, "Do you have your stuff together? Did you get breakfast? Did you brush your teeth?" Instead it was spent saying, "Hey Mom! Got my stuff ready! Getting breakfast and my lunch is packed!" Ahhhhhhhhh! I've always taught my girls responsibility from a young age. I've tried NOT to baby them or do things for them that I know they could do themselves. They don't need me to help them gather their stuff for school. They can get their own breakfast. They can put their own shoes on. And they've been self sufficient since about....Kindergarten! It was always something I made a priority because I think in todays society, they NEED to be able to do basic life skills on their own and thats what this list is...basic life skills they need before they walk out into the real world of school. Sometimes our mornings got so rushed that they'd forget something and it would throw the whole day off. This year we don't have time for "morning mess-ups". We get up at 6am...dressed and hair done by 6:20am....breakfast by 6:30am....lunch packed and bookbag packed and ready by 6:40am....out the door by 6:50am....get to Kaceys school by 7:15am (we have to get there 15min early or we wont get in the parking lot and our routine will be thrown off)....she goes into school at Kay to school by 7:50am....and then I BREATHE! So they don't have time to forget something at home because we can't go back and get it.

This morning was proof that the LIST works! Now....what did I do with my list for today? LOL! Ahhhhh....I don't have one because today I finally get a day to myself. Hopefully I get to sit here at Starbuck's for a little while and enjoy the peace :)

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