Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Massive Update

HOLY MOLEY! I've got so much to update! For the last week, I've been on an emotional roller coaster full of cries, laughs, smiles and ultimately ending with turning it all over to God. So without prolonging it anymore....here goes.....

Wednesday 3-16-11
Kacey had her Endo check up. I was praying for good numbers but I knew what we'd been through over the last few months so I wasn't expecting it to be pretty. The visit went great and we weren't yelled at because we've been in contact with her Endo every single week making changes to basals and carb ratios trying to get these growth spurts and hormones under control....which we all know is nearly impossible. So...the bad news was her A1c had gone up to 9.1%. I was sad to hear it but I knew I'd done everything I could to get it lower. Her Endo reassured me that we had to keep plugging along and eventually it would come back down. Those female hormones are wreaking havoc on her system AND...she grew ANOTHER inch! She is now 59.5in tall....1/2 inch from 5 FEET! Her foot has grown 2 sizes since December so there is a reason for all these crazy numbers. Her Endo did make some more changes to basals to see if we can get those afternoon lows to settle down. More good news....we submitted the paperwork for Dexcom! Kacey is VERY excited and her Endo thinks it will be a very useful tool for us.

Once we got home, Kacey was in the kitchen with me and she says "Mom, have you ever felt like you were standing but you couldn't feel your legs?" Ummmm.....NO! I immediately made her check her blood sugar. She was in the 200's so I was assuming it was because she was high. She ate lunch and we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. We came back inside around dinner time and she was still in the 200's. Not normal for her...usually all the bike riding and running around would drop her like a hot potato. She ate dinner and then about 2 hours later, I had her get a shower. When she got out of the shower, she called for me and said "I have that weird feeling again. The one that I can't feel like I'm standing and now it's in my arms too." So I had her come out and lay across my bed to settle herself. She started crying because she said it was a "weird feeling and she was scared". She said she felt like she did when her sugar was a 36. So I grabbed her kit to see if she'd dropped....nope she was in 300's now. She started screaming and crying insisting she was low so I grabbed another meter to make sure there wasn't anything funky going on....nope still 300's! I did her site change and I let her get back in bed with me to watch TV. She layed there and continued to cry and then about an hour later she went into something like a panic attack. She could not physically move her arms or her legs! She couldn't wiggle her toes at all. It was like she was temporarily paralyzed and she was hysterical. I couldn't stand it any longer! Frankie and I pulled her to her feet and drug her to the van and rushed her to the ER. They took us right back since her blood sugar had hit the 400's by then. She was still hysterical but she'd gotten some movement back in her arms about an hour after we got there. The ran tons of blood work and about 3 hours later, she was able to start moving her legs. Nothing showed in the labs...no DKA...no crazy numbers in cell counts....nothing! So the only thing they can think was it was a crazy reaction to her sugars. SCARY! I don't think I've been so scared since the time she had her seizures when she was 2 and I had to call 911. By the time we left the hospital, she'd come down to a 217. So she was headed in the right direction. We got home around 1am so I figured I'd just stay up and check her sugar in another hour and a half. Frankie and I agreed that she should sleep with me so I could keep an eye on her so he went and got in her bed. At 2:30am...she was a 56!!!! CRAP! So I ran and grabbed the juice and tried to wake her. She wouldn't open her eyes so I pryed her lips open and put the straw in. I kept saying..."Kacey suck! Kacey suck the straw! You're low!" and she finally caught on and sucked the juice down. I knew she didn't have any IOB so she HAD to come up from there. Then 15min later....71! By this time she was alert enough to down some more juice and a pack of peanut butter crackers. She came up to a 137 and I layed back down with her. I was so scared to go back to sleep! I tested her again at 4am and she was a 123. Frankie got up for work at 5am. He left and got about 10 miles from home and felt this feeling that he NEEDED to come back home. Little did he know....I DID need him! After he left, Kacey woke up crying. She'd wet my bed! UGHHHHHHHHHHHH! She hasn't done that in a long time. Sadly, when sugars are crazy, it just can't be helped. I know all you D-Moms understand :( so I get up...change the sheets...Kacey strips and she heads back into my bathroom and she gets her tubing caught on the side of the bed and.....RIPS HER PUMP SITE OUT! By now she's screaming and hysterical. We'd just done that site change after she'd gotten out of the shower before the hospital. So I calm her down and prep for another site change. She's still crying and sniffling while I'm getting everything loaded which makes me even more upset. It was a mess! Frankie walked back in as we were laying back down. I explained what happened to him and I knew I had to get back up in 45min to get Kayleigh to the bus. He made me go lay back down with Kacey and he made sure Kayleigh got to the bus in time and he came back home and went back to sleep. Around 10am, we all woke back up. The ER doc wanted Kacey to stay home so we could observe her and make sure it didn't happen again.

Thursday 3-17-11
Happy St. Patrick's Day! It was NOT a very happy green day. We spent most of the day laying around and catching up on sleep from being up all night. Thankfully Kayleigh managed to sleep through all the chaos so she was in school. Kacey had that "weird feeling" again around dinner time that day but it wasn't as bad and it was only in her legs. It went away a few minutes later. She didn't have anymore problems the rest of the night.

That evening, since I'd had such a rough few days, my hubby decided that we needed an evening out with the girls. So we took them out to dinner to chill out. I didn't have to cook. He didn't have to cook. So we were all happy! LOL!

Saturday 3-19-11
We met my Mom for breakfast as we always do. We went shopping and Kacey got her new fish for the tank she got for her birthday. It was a fun day out! We were invited to another Starlight event to see the Richmond Raiders play their opening game but unfortunately Kacey's sugars went whacko again and she was having those "weird feelings" so we felt that we better not chance it! She was disappointed because the kids were going to get to go down on the field and they were having a Meet & Greet with the players. But sometimes diabetes just doesn't play along and it makes it tough!

Sunday 3-20-11
Ahhhhh.....CHURCH! :) We went to early service so we had time to get home, eat lunch and prepare for an exciting night....WINTERJAM 2011!!! If you don't know what WinterJam is then you can check it out! We were planning to meet the church youth at 4pm and all drive down there together. We ended up leaving at early and got to the Scope at 3pm...stood in line til 4:30pm when they opened the doors! It was a madhouse!!! It was general admission on seating and everyone was saving seats so it was pretty insane. We did manage to score some seats in the 2nd balcony and we all had a fabulous time!

Monday 3-21-11
No School! It was a teacher workday so the students were out of school. Both girls had well check ups at their NEW pediatrician. We were all a little nervous but I'd heard some wonderful things about her. Turns out...those things I heard were....SPOT ON! She was AMAZING! She even knows the girls Endos, had knowledge of Type 1 diabetes and hypoglycemia, jumped right on and refilled Kayleigh's inhalers and then both girls had to get shots. When she went out of the room, both girls were chattering about how much they liked her and how comfortable she made them feel. ***sigh*** Ever since we had to switch pediatricians when Kayleigh was 7 and Kacey was 2...I haven't been happy with a single one of the doctors UNTIL NOW! We adored Dr. O when she was our pediatrician and I used to be able to call her and she knew us on a first name basis (yeah that means we saw her alot...LOL!) But it was nice to have a doc that I could call at any time fo the day or night. I've found that again! This pediatrician's office has a well baby office, sick baby office and a teen office. Both girls were seen on the teen side and it was nice. They were treated like "little adults" and she talked with them about all kinds of things from internet dangers, seatbelts, drunk driving and even boys. It was REALLY nice! She asked them all about their favorite things to do and their dislikes...really taking the time to get to know them. And....SHE'S A GIRL!!! Hahaha! It's the one thing my girls have been begging for...a lady doctor. So now we have it and we're all happy!
As I was praying last night, a severe thunderstorm rolled up really fast. The cracks of thunder made me jump and the electrical lightening was terrifying. It made me really start to think. All of this turmoil has been like a thunderstorm and wreaking havoc on my body. God was sending a reminder to give it all to him and He will calm the storm within me. I did just that! The storm was gone within 20 minutes and it had passed. Another reminder of how the storms in our life WILL to pass. We have to wait out the storm and as long as we hold tight to faith then we will be brought into the calming. It's been tough. I won't lie! I was holding tight to these bitter feelings and the anger at the School Board as well as some other harbored feelings. Once I let go, my cell phone buzzed telling me to check my email. I won't say who...but I've known this man since birth and I call him brother...LOL! I turned my computer back on...sat down and read my email. I wept uncontrollably as I saw that a large money amount was given as a love gift for our trip. Frankie came running in because he thought he was bad news when he heard me crying. Then both girls came running in and we all just sat here in tears as we actually saw God's work put into motion. It's in God's hands. He knows our needs. WHY, oh WHY did I ever worry to start with? FAITH! I had lost faith that He would provide. I've been witness to it before so WHY did I think I would be failed now? Words cannot even begin to explain how blessed I feel. I'm blessed with a wonderful husband that provides for us. I'm blessed with 2 beautiful daughters that love me unconditionally. I'm blessed with a mother that would give me the shirt off her back to help in any way she could. I'm blessed with a brother that has bent over backwards for me in more ways than I can name (BTW, I am in LOVE with my Blackberry Storm that he just gave to me a week ago). I'm blessed with a best friend that listens to my problems and cares even though she struggles with her own issues. She still takes the time to hear me whine. I'm blessed with an amazing group of online D-Mommas and D-Friends who have been my backbone for the last 3 years. I'm blessed with an awesome church family that have welcomed our family with open and loving arms. I've been blessed to be a stay at home Mom with my girls since Kacey was born. We might not be the richest in money but we're richest in love. I've never missed a meal and even when times were tight and I wasn't sure how we were gonna make it...somehow, someway, we always did! And ultimately I'm blessed with an AWESOME GOD!!! For those of you out there that have lost faith, it's not too late to turn back to Him. Give it all to God and watch your blessings unfold right before your eyes.
So as I close, if you made it this far then thank for putting up with my massive update. I sit with a calming within knowing that it's out of my hands now and in God's.


Sandy said...

I know all to well the long nights and being scared to go to sleep. SCREAMING at my husband to suck the straw. I screamed so loud once the neighbor called 911 cause they didn't know what was wrong. Sometimes I have to scream loud for him to respond...hang in there you guys :) did the doc say what the feeling was in her limbs?

Alexis Nicole said...

(((((HUGS)))) What a week!! Poor Kacey that sounds beyond horrible and so scary.

Im glad everything else fell into place! God is good!

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry that you all had such a scary experience. I'll pray that God lifts you and your family up.

Nicole said...

That is some update and all I have to say is you are one strong lady!! I hope the weeks to come are a lot less stressful but just as full of LOVE!!

LaLa said...

Hey Friend - thank you for the update and your wonderful friendship. I hate that Kacey has been having those scary episodes. What in the world? Bless her heart! You are so strong and so brave! i admire you so much. Stay strong sweet friend! Love you!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oh, my! So much going on! I hope Kacey is okay! I can only imagine how scared you must've been. Good luck to Kayleigh!

Valerie said...

I can identify with those "weird feelings." I've been feeling that way more and more with my higher blood sugars--it feels like the biggest struggle to walk and the scary part is it also kind of feels like a low. I've had a couple panic attacks about it before, so I sympathize! Sorry she had to go through all that. :(

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

I am sorry Ive been MIA lately.. I really hope you know you are always on my mind! Im sorry you had a rough week! Big hugs