Friday, March 11, 2011

Double Low

They did it to me AGAIN! Both girls dropped low at the same time. They seem to think it's funny to watch me run around like a crazy juicebox superhero! Kacey was a 41 and Kayleigh was a 64. I decided to snap a picture since they were both laying on the couch trying to re-coop. Check out those blank stares! It's the stare that all of us D-Moms know so very well!

Lots of exciting things happening next week!

Sunday is my hubby's birthday and we're also meeting with an elder from the church to become members.

Monday is Kacey's parent night at Middle School. YIKES! She chooses her electives that night.

Tuesday is Kay's Culinary practice and we will be having a parent meeting about the upcoming travel information at some point during the week.

Wednesday is D-Report Card Day at the Endo's office for Kacey.

Thursday is Youth group night for Kayleigh and Ladies group night for me.

Friday....whoaaaa we have a free night for now!

Saturday is another Starlight event in Richmond to see the Richmond Raiders Indoor Football team on opening night

Sunday is WINTERJAM!!!! :) Soooo looking forward to this experience!
So if I go missing in action then you all know where I am...HAHA!!!


Brenda said...

Hi Jill,
I don't know if you remember me or not, but I had asked you some advice about applying for Starlight several weeks ago. So, I have another you remember how long after you applied that you heard from them? My husband faxed in our application back on January 29th and we still haven't heard anything either way....accepted OR declined. Was wondering if there was a quicker turn around for you and if we should try again? Thank you.

NikDuck said...

I feel for you..both of them low!! I'm just starting to notice "the stare" when she is low. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday! I'll have to check my schedule, maybe you, Shannon and I could somehow meet up after your appointment??

Alexis Nicole said...

OY!! Doube low. Blech!

Yay for everything else going on, so awesome! Have a great week :)

Misty said...

Boo lows :( Sounds like you have an excitement filled week. Hoping the lows go and stay away!