Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's This Mean?

Hmmmm....what does this mean for Kayleigh? Could be nothing...then again...she's going back up again!

With her appointment not far away and since it had been 2 months since we did the last test, I decided to go on and check and see what her A1c was holding at. She's up from the 5.4% that she was on 12-6-10. So what does this mean? WHO KNOWS?!?! She's been having quite a few lows again but she's feeling them by the time she's around 70. Her highest lately is 150-160 range. So I guess thats a good thing. Kacey told her that she would take those numbers ANY DAY...haha! My Mommy gut is still very worried for her. We've been logging things like we were asked to and there is no pattern that I can see. Maybe her Endo will see something we can't. So...countdown til the 23rd begins!


Kelly said...

If it makes you feel any better, Hannah's A1c was 5.7....maybe that isnt as high as we think it is? TRIALNET. Im all for prolonging/delaying onset if at all possible, now I just have to convince Hannah to enroll. -Sigh-

Valerie said...

I didn't even know there was an a1c device! Very interesting. A high range of 150-160 is a great thing, I think! That's pretty tight control as far as I'm concerned. When I tested out a CGM, my endo told me the ideal is to stay between 70 and 200.

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

well I have nothing to offer in the way of advice for the a1c machine but wanted to pop in and say HI! I have been missing you!

Jill said...

Kelly, It seems like the HIGHER end of "normal" doesnt it? :(

Shannon, wanna finally meet up on Feb 23rd? I will be down at CHKD from 8:30am til about 2:30pm. Kayleigh is having the 5 hour glucose test done :( I've missed ya too and I know you've been swamped. I've still been praying for your Dad and your family. Let me know if ya wanna meet up :) We will be there all day...LOL!