Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Makeover

I've been tossing around the idea of a blog makeover for quite some time! I just didn't know what I wanted....UNTIL I ran across Dotty Dot Dot's cupcake background! It seemed to fit PERFECT...since Kacey is so "sweet" and Kayleigh is my "baker". I contacted Ashlie about doing the makeover but right now I just can't do any paid makeovers right now so I took advantage of her freebie background and she is working on a header for me for later when I can do it. THANK YOU Ashlie!!! Another friend of mine heard that I was wanting these things so she taught me how to make my own button. THANK YOU to Tracy for helping me get it right! I know that all my D-Moms will agree when I say...there is hardly any "extra" money to spend on things like this so it's nice when we can create it and still have a pretty stinking cute blog :) Now go grab my button! LOL!


Unknown said...


Grabbed your button :)

I can't explain it, but I'm totally craving a gluten-free cupcake right now.

Tracy said...

Love the new look, and I am happy to have helped. :-)

Now I want some cupcakes too!

Nicole said...

Love it and I will be adding it for sure to my button rolling thing :) It just takes a while for me to figure these things out but I will get it :)

Alexis Nicole said...

OHHH I love it!! Grabbing button now!! Hoping mine will be ready this week. May need your help! Lol

Misty said...

I love the look!! I grabbed your button :)