Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Disney On Ice & TY Starlight

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to Starlight for making this event possible. They gave us such a wonderful gift...the tickets to the ice show, the free parking and the voucher for a FREE medium drink and our choice of nachos, pretzel or hot dog. This would have cost our family over $100 which would not have been possible for us right now at Christmas and the cost of a new insulin pump in our near future. It was a WONDERFUL experience!

We were blessed with the chance to go on one of Starlight's Great Escapes to Disney Princesses on Ice. We had never been to an ice show so we weren't quite sure what to expect. I assumed since it was ice that it would be chilly so I packed the backpack with blankets and snacks. I also packed the small case with complete site change and insulin. Not sure why my Mommy gut was telling me to but I just did.

The show was in Richmond and the GPS told us that it was 1hr and 20min drive so the girls popped iPods on and kicked back to enjoy the ride. I have one of those husbands that KNOWS where he is going so when the GPS told him to take the exit, he assured me that there was a shorter way and the GPS wasn't always right. As we drove on, the GPS told me that we were going further away. After a few choice words to him and 15 minutes later....we arrived at 6:20pm. We should have been there by 6pm!! Thanks to Starlight, we had FREE parking. We finally found the Starlight group and got our tickets and headed on in. Disney! Disney! Everywhere! There were booths set up like every 20 feet with all sorts of Disney Priness stuff. After having a bit of sticker shock (yeah $22 for a little spinny light toy), we bypassed them all and headed to our seats. As we walked down the stairs, closer and closer to the ice, the girls were giggling with excitement. We were soooooo close to the rink! Shrills of laughter came from them as they saw the castle behind the curtain. No matter how old we get, those Disney Princesses still make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
Let me just say, it was one of the funnest events we've ever been to! This was our first ice show (yeah I know...but those things are expensive!) Frankie even made the comment about how much he enjoyed it!

That being said....it didn't go without a little bit of diabetes drama! Kacey's sugar was 400 when we got to our seats. Blech! Thank you excitement! When the show was over, both girls made a bathroom trip before the long drive home. I waited outside with the backpack. They both came rushing out with scared looks on their faces. Kacey was nearly in tears as she raised her shirt to reveal a BLOODY SITE! No freakin way! For 24 hours, her site had been in a vein and now it was blowing out....YUK! I told her we had no choice but to put a new one in right there. Ummmm.... ***insert the light bulb that went off*** I packed that extra site change for a reason! So we went back into where the seats were and everyone had cleared out. I told the worker there that we had a bit of a medical emergency and I needed a little privacy to take care of it. She asked me if I needed her to call First Aid (she saw the blood). I explained what we had to do and she nodded that it was fine for us to be in there. So there I knelt on the floor of the Richmond Coliseum putting in a new infusion set. Frankie grabbed the camera and caught a few pictures. LOL! What a way to end our night! So....new set....correction....and a little rest...and I finally got her back in the 200's before bed.

What an experience!

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