Friday, December 17, 2010

Basal Increases & SNOW!

I got an email back from Kacey's Endo. Looks like we're going to increase ALL basals again! She's running high all the time so we're going to try increasing everything again and see what happens. It was sort of a reality slap when we started looking at her TDD of insulin. She's getting an estimated 2,250 units of insulin a month! With the growth she is having and then trying to contain those hormones along with hunger pangs and the holidays...we're fighting quite a battle here! Now she's going to be getting more with the basal increases!

Virginia was also slammed with a winter storm. The weatherman predicted we would get 2-5 inches of snow but we only ended up getting about an inch once it finished raining and sleeting. The sight of all that white stuff sent the West house into a frenzy. They closed schools hours before it even hit because of the amount they were predicting. It's a good thing they did because those roads were a mess! We were also getting thunder...yes THUNDER during the snow storm. It was actually really cool because it was all over the news and when it thunders during a snow storm it is actually huge snow bursts. They had a chance to get outside and play in the snow today. It was COLD though and the snow was mostly ice so that snowman! :(

The girls were actually thrilled that schools were closed but Kayleigh was a bit disappointed when the church youth Christmas party was cancelled. She was looking forward to meeting the other youth for the first time. It's been postponed til January 6th. So she still has something to look forward to! The other downfall of the snow was that schools were closed again today and this was their last day before Christmas vacation. So now they won't go back to school til after the first of the year. That means no Christmas parties and they won't be able to give their teachers the gifts they chose until after the first of the year! Bummer!

Today we took the time to make Christmas cookies. I was going to bypass doing this with the girls this year but they talked me into it and we ventured out to the store to get everything to make them this morning. We've been baking ALL day! After 120 Oreo truffles, 2 dozen sugar cookies, 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies and 1 dozen chocolate peanut butter chip cookies with Heath bits....I'm exhausted! The girls had so much fun though and I'm glad we did it! :) It always makes for some fun memories. Once we finished, we put together a cookie tray for our neighbors. Their son broke his arm last night on the ice and so Kacey and I made a trip down there to take him some cookies. It was so heartwarming for us and Kacey was smiling ear to ear when we left there. She turned to me in the van and said , "Mommy, it feels so good to give." Ahhhh, what a joyful sound! My heart overflowed at that moment. This is what it's all about! We didn't make those cookies for us to eat. We made them to give away and share that warm fuzzy feeling! :)

There is a little more excitement in the air though! Tomorrow is our Disney On Ice show with Starlight and tomorrow night into early Sunday morning they are calling for another snow storm to bring in 4-8 inches of snow!

I have loads of pics to upload to Facebook! I will get them uploaded soon :)


meanderings said...

Having lived in Virginia for many, many years - I still chuckle when the entire state comes to a stand still at just the threat of snow.
Enjoy it and your cookies!

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