Friday, November 19, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

I proudly accept this blog award for The Versatile Blogger

There are 4 things that you must do in order to accept this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award:
Thank you Nicole from, We Cara Lot Blog for taking the time to nominate me and making me feel special enough to receive this award! Thank you to every single one of you out there that read my blog. I'm so blessed to be part of such a wonderful online community of D-Bloggers and I'm even more thankful to call you friends!

2. Share seven things about yourself:
Hmmmm...ok my 7 things....
One: I love doing crafty things! It can be anything from beading jewelry to painting stained glass. Both of my girls love doing those sorts of things too and giving them away as gifts. When Kacey was first diagnosed, I had a nasty run of insomnia and so I spent those hours beading. I ended up with a huge basket of stuff I had made and I sold it to friends, family and at local events and donated 100% of the profit to JDRF.
Two: I enjoy taking pictures and scrapbooking them. I've always been a huge camera fan and when my brother gets back to the East Coast, he's gonna share his photography skills with me. I hardly ever go anywhere without my camera! I'm hooked on Creative Memories digital software. I can sit for hours with the computer in my lap and create fun pages with the click of a button. It's so fun to be able to share those with family and friends :)
Three: I love Christian worship music. I drive Kacey to school every morning and we listen to K-LOVE to start our morning and it's such an uplifting feeling. It also warms my heart to hear my girls singing along to the songs or hearing them get a worship song stuck in their head and humming it during the day. We've found a new church that we just absolutely LOVE! It's everything I've always wanted from a church and I'm so in love with looking over at my girls during service and seeing the smiles on their faces because they're getting so much out of the lesson being taught. Some of our favs...Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, Nicole Mullen, TobyMac, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West and those are just to name a few!
Four: I collect Pandora charms. My girls and my hubby started my bracelet for me in Aug 2008. I've got 18 charms and the safety clasp now. It's one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry! Each charm has a special meaning and it's neat to sit and look at my wrist and think back to what each one means.
Five: I never go without my toenails painted! I hardly ever wear polish on my finger nails but I can't go without wearing it on my toenails...LOL!
Six: I love Willow Tree Angels and Precious Moments. I started collecting Precious Moments for Kayleigh when she was little and when Kacey came along, I decided to start the Willow Tree Angels.
Seven: I LOVE COFFEE! All kinds and all flavors! I'm a Starbuck's lover and when I'm at home all day, the coffee pot stays on and it's easy for me to drink 1-2 pots of coffee on my own! Anyone that knows me well enough knows that my all time fav is Peppermint Mocha's :) :) :) :) !!!!

3. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.
I tried to pick ones that had not been chosen yet...if you have been nominated already...sorry! :)
4. Notify your nominees...consider yourselves notified :)

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Nicole said...

THanks for playing Jill and thanks for sharing so new bloggers that I don't have on my blog roll :)