Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Icky Sicky

The last few days have been some nasty diabetes sick days. Kacey started with the sniffles last week and then she got the sore throat and stuffy nose. I was giving her the Triaminic and hoping it wouldn't develop into anything worse. By Sunday, she was blowing her nose and it looked like Spongebob had melted in the tissue! Yeah....ewwwww is right! By Monday afternoon, she was feeling really crappy and I was called to come and pick her up from school an hour early. She kept saying "Mommy, I really tried to make it all day!" Her blood sugars were still swinging and she was just a mess. So yesterday morning, I got her an appointment for 9am. Diagnosis....sinus infection and the start of bronchitis. Ummm....GREAT! No wonder she felt so freakin lousy! So I took her back home and thats where she stayed the rest of the afternoon.

By last night, she had a terrible sinus headache that made her sick at her stomach. This is when diabetes gets really scary for me! She ended up throwing up her dinner because she was coughing so hard and then the headache made her nauseous. (***insert worry here***) I grabbed her pump to check her blood sugar...113 with 8 units of IOB!!! So we wait to see if shes gonna drop or spike up from puking? I was too scared to chance it so I gave her 8oz of Hawaiian Punch. Wait....Wait....Wait....check 30min later....252....YUK! And then 2 hours later....460!!! GEESH!!!

This cold is just kicking her butt! I'm so thankful that we're out of school for the holiday for the next 5 days. Hopefully she'll be as good as new by the time she goes back. Then when we go back, we only have 2 weeks til they are out for the Christmas holiday break. (Thank God!)

I'm just feeling a lot of frustration school wise and the thought of homeschooling Kacey is looking better and better. If she wasn't such a social child, I think I would have pulled her already. But she likes being with her friends and she's been in her school for 6 years its a tough decision! It's just hard on me because at least once a week (sometimes twice) they are calling me to come and get her because either shes dropped low and is scared shes going to drop again OR shes so high that she feels like crap and wants to put her head down and go to sleep. So what do ya do? I've never been able to feel how it feels to have those nasty blood sugar swings but I've heard they make you feel pretty icky. So who am I to make her stay at school when she feels so crappy? I can't do that to her! I know shes not "faking" because her numbers tell all and when I bring her home, she gets on the couch and she goes right to sleep. Usually after about 2-3 hours, she starts to feel better and she gets up for dinner and eats and then goes right back to sleep. I guess we will ride the roller coaster of this year and then we'll see what happens when she gets to middle school.

Today's task....REST and Write 10 things you are Thankful for and why? Each year, I will have the girls write down 10 different things they are thankful for and Frankie and I do the same thing and then we share them at Thanksgiving dinner. I'm excited to see what they choose! I started this last year with them and I think it's a neat way to see into someone's heart. :) After the Thanksgiving list is made....then it's on to the Christmas list!!!

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