Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Diabetes Isn't Enough?!?!

Yes....we're ALIVE! It's been weeks since I've blogged and I won't go over the boring details about why I haven't been here but bottom line is...We're SICK!

I've been struggling terribly with my asthma and recovering from bronchitis. It's kicking my ass and I can't find the time to rest. I'm seriously thinking about scheduling an appointment to have allergy tests done and see what is causing these triggers. Kayleigh has now started with her "asthma cough" and tightness in her chest and she's back on her inhaler too. Thank you Virginia pollen! Grrrrrrr!

THEN...last week....Kacey came to me telling me she felt like her heart was squeezing. Noooooo please no! So I asked her if she felt like she couldn't breathe? YES! She clenched her chest and I called the doctor. Of course...our doctor was on Spring Break and I couldn't get her in until today. Over the last few days, she's gotten worse and the tightness has become regular. Just out of curiosity for my own piece of mind, I pulled out my peak flow meter and asked her to blow. 200. 180. 170. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I quickly googled "normal" for her age/height/weight..... 340-350. Are you F%#^ING KIDDING ME?!?!?! I had a minor meltdown :( I took her in this morning and they did an EKG to make sure her heart was ok... all good. Then they had her blow in the peak flow meter... 240. 210. 200. UGH!! The doctor looked at me and said, "You know thats not good, right?" *sigh* Yes! So she took the results into our regular doctor and he said "Well...you know Grandma has it, Mom has it, Big Sis has it and most likely she's got it. Send her for a chest x-ray." She came back in and explained everything to us. We're looking at an ASTHMA diagnosis on top of all of this crap. My heart is breaking right now! He also put her on Singular and Zyrtec along with the same inhaler that me & Kay are on every 4 hours. The only thing that makes this easy is...Kays been asthmatic since she was 10 months old and I know how to care for her and I've had it for 5 years now so I know how it feels. Unlike diabetes, where NO ONE in our family has Type 1. We go back for a recheck in a week to see how the inhaler and other meds are working for her.

They say....God doesn't give you anymore than you can handle....but I sure wish he'd stop dishing this out to me! :(

I'm still working my long term substitute teacher job. The teacher that I am subbing for had surgery and she was due to come back last Friday and the doctor would not release her. He extended her another week so my last day is sopposed to be this Friday but I'm not 100% sure because she goes back for a recheck and if he doesn't release her then I will be extended again. I'm worn out! I haven't worked full time in years and I've been so used to picking my days and working around the girls schedules. I'm not used to having to grocery shop on the weekends and pay bills AFTER work then still manage a household! To all you working Moms out there....YOU'RE MY HERO! I don't think it would be so bad if I wasn't battling this cold and asthma crap. I get so tired so easy and I'm falling asleep by 8:30pm every night! Then...to top everything off...my carpal tunnel is acting up again. I've tried so hard to avoid surgery and as long as I give my hand a break from repetitive things then it settles down. I can't type as much as I want to :( because I go numb and then it tingles til it's painful. Nights are the worst!

Enough complaining...LOL!

I'm going to try and catch up on blogs to see what everyone is up to :) I do manage to check Facebook daily and post there with short posts as I can.

I will update next week once we have an official diagnosis!


:) Tracie said...

Being sick sucks!

Asthma too? Poor baby. But my older daughter has it and so do I, and you're right about knowing how that feels and how to best handle it.

Virginia isn't alone in the pollen issue....California's doing just dandy right along with ya! Makes for extra inhaler usage and psuedophederine to boot.

Hang in there.....Friday's a comin' (hopefully) :)

Lora said...

Check off Florida for the pollen issues too... blah!

I am so sorry about the Asthma. If its not one thing... its another.

I hope you ALL feel better soon :)

Donna said...

Hi Jill! Welcome back! So sorry to hear that you guys have been sick.

Asthma, too, hu? YUCK! Keep us posted, and thank goodness you know how to help her!

My hubby was just dx'd with early stage carpal tunnel. NOT FUN! The tingling thing you were describing is exactly what he is always complaining of. The Dr prescribed a wrist brace for him, custom fitted, and it has helped A TON... I dont know if you have anything like that already, but if not you may want to ask your doc about it. =)

LaLa said...

Oh no! So much going on! You girls need a break. I hope you have good numbers and easy breathing from here on out! You deserve it.

Hallie Addington said...

I'm so sorry, Jill. That really stinks. How's Kacey taking it? Sending you lots of prayers and well wishes!

Unknown said...

Oh man - I'm sorry to hear that!