Thursday, January 14, 2010

EGG-stra Special Conversation

OK...this is another TMI post so if talking about period bothers you then stop reading now!

I've tried to educate Kacey as much as I can about her period without actually going into too much detail that would scare her or confuse her. I've got another period funny that I have to journal for her so she can laugh later when she grows up. For now, we can be the ones to laugh!!

We found out that she is not alone in her school. There are three other girls in her grade that have already started and so now she doesn't feel so alone. Yesterday, her school nurse gave us the "packet". You know the one you get with the samples of pads, coupons for free pads and the wonderful little booklet that tells you all about the arrival of Aunt Flo and body hair. Yep! That one! I was excited to get it home and actually share it with her since I knew it would be written in terms she could understand...NOT! We started the book with "sweating" and all the stuff that goes along with that. Then the book went into changes in your breasts. Ok, we can handle that. We're doing good! Then the big chapter...Starting Your Period. Ahhhhhhh...the diagrams! So it shows a diagram of the female parts. Kacey sees "eggs" and immediately has a "freak out" moment! "MOMMY! I have eggs inside me???" (scared look on her face) Ohhhhh brother! I can tell where this is headed. So I explain that she does have eggs but they are not the same as chicken eggs. She immediately wells up with tears and asks "Are they gonna hatch?" OK...this is the very moment that as parents we have to laugh and cry at the same time. I literally busted a gut!!! I knew I had to stop because I had to be sensative to her feelings. She was SERIOUS! I wanted to explain this to her so she didn't feel "weird" but yet she had some sort of understanding.

Whew! I wasn't expecting that curve ball, Dear Lord! I've always said God gave me Kacey to keep my sense of humor in check. :) LOL! Boy did she do that this last week!! I've laughed more with her about things she's said and done than I have in a long time. Between all the giggling and thing is for sure...I've established that there is no such thing as a stupid question and she should never be afraid to ask me what anything means if she's confused about her body. So she smiled at me with this cute little grin and she says, "So Mommy, is a vagina the same thing as a cootie?" *sigh* HYSTERICAL GIGGLES!!!! I give up!!!

For those of you with little girls.....see what you have to look forward to? LOL! And to those of you with boys...I don't know how you're hold a straight face when you finally have the "boy talk" with them?!?!


Nicole said...

So cute, but poor little woman now!!
I love all the questions where does she come up with all these? or maybe all little girls have the same question but just no one to ask!! Your an amazing mom and obviously your girls trust you and love you so much :-)

Jill said...

Nicole~ She asked that question about the vagina because thats what the book was calling it. I think she knew the answer was "yes" but was just testing me! ;) The egg questions were because we were reading the book and she saw the diagram of the woman body and it showed the cycle of the egg. She thought she had chicken eggs inside her! Thats what made me crack up...hahaha no pun intended! So she's assuming the eggs inside her are going to hatch like every other "egg" she knows does. LOL! And I wonder where all these gray hairs are coming from? HAHAHAHA!

Amy said...

Oh adolescence is tough!!! did such an amazing job with're right...there is NO such thing as a stupid question! I love how you are being sensitive to her needs, but also laughing about things with her, too! My mom wasn't so great about sharing this stuff with me and so I didn't think it was okay for me to talk about! Keep it up!

Oh...and the book called the vagina a "cootie"???? Really??? Why can't we just use the real words???

Lora said...

Wow!! They have packets in school??
When did they get those?

I was on my own at that time too... your doing a good thing. Keep it up :)

Hallie Addington said...

Oh My Gosh! Jill, she is just too cute for words!! I am so not ready for that....
You are doing such an amaIng job with them! I love how open you are andnits obvious that your girls really trust you. I hope to have that kind of relationship with A one day (hopefully not for a long while)! You're an inspiration!

Jill said...

Amy...LMAO!!! NOOOOOO....A "cootie" is what Kacey calls it...HAHAHA! She's never heard it called a "vagina" ...LOL...but she grasped the concept quick...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Lora~ I remember getting a book when I was in 4th grade called "Julie's Story" and Kayleigh got a pamphlet but this book Kacey got is called "Girl Gear" and it came with the coolest samples. A small Secret deodorant and 4 different size pads with coupons for FREE packs of pads.

Thanks Hallie!!! :)

Meri said...

We have the same rule around here. There is no such thing as a stupid question. My 14 year old was famous for taking me aside and asking me about things he was hearing. One of them was, "so what is up with Michael Jackson?"

I'm so glad I have boys right time of the month hormones are enough for one house for sure!

PS Kasey is adorable! I love her perspective`

Wendy said...

HATCH!!!! Okay...not to laugh at her, but....THAT WAS SO CUTE!!!!

Great job, Mom :)

I'm taking notes...

LaLa said...

hahaha - I'm taking notes too!
I love that. Poor thing was probably freaking out and we are all here laughing.

Love ya Jill and Kasey!

Jill said...

LOL...yes... HATCH!!!

Ya know, it's just one more reminder that she's TOO YOUNG to have this happening to her body :( When Kayleigh started she was 13 and I had the girl talk with her at 10-11yrs old but then we had it again a few months before she started. Also, every year from 4th grade to 8th grade, they do a class with the school nurse about their bodies. Each year it gets more detailed and my 8th grade they are educated on sex and how to protect themselves. I guess you almost HAVE to teach them young because there are babies having babies in the schools here. When Kay was in 8th grade there was a girl pregnant and she had an abortion and then got pregnant again at the end of their 8th grade year and then had a miscarriage. Kay said right now, there are 4 girls pregnant in her school and 2 more that just had babies. Scary and sad! Anyway...a bit off topic there....but it's scary to think a 10 year old girl could conceive now...ESPECIALLY when they're just too young to know what their bodies are doing :(