Monday, November 16, 2009



If you are interested in participating in the Secret Santa Family Gift Exchange then click on the following link and register yourself.


The DEADLINE for registration will be Nov. 23rd. The reason for this is so that we can hit those after Thanksgiving sales :) It also gives us a month to shop, wrap and send. Some of the Moms live further away than others. We need to take this into consideration as well. We wouldn't want a family left without a present on Christmas. So be sure to look and see where your package is going and allow mailing time.

I'm SOOOOO excited about this!!

So, on Nov 23rd, Elfster will magically draw names and the secret game begins! Have fun!!!

This exchange is open to ALL D-Moms and their families :)


Wendy said...


I'm sooooo in :)

Joanne said...

I just registered! Yay!

Jennifer said...

I am not a blogger but I have a six year old with D and I read you blog everyday. Is this meant just for those of you that blog or can others like me join as well?

Jill said...

Jennifer~ We'd LOVE for you to join us!!

This is open to ANY D-Moms and their Families :) We'd love to get as many involved as we can....readers or bloggers! I'll put this info on the original post as well! So PLEASE join us!

Shannon said...

I registered, but I have a few questions. How does it work? When will we find out who we are buying for? And will we ever know who bought for us? Just wondering?

You are great for organizing this!