Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Diabetes Report Card

Today was Kacey's Endo appointment and the results are in...... 7.6%

Yeah, it's not as good as the last time but she went through the growth spurt, had a cold and her Endo said she's starting the first stages of puberty. He told us we were doing a great job and anything under 8.0% was good for a growing little girl. That softened the blow for us. I knew her A1c was going to be higher than last time and I actually expected it would be closer to a 7.9% so I was happy when we got the results. He did download her pump settings and logs and went over them with us. I told him about the basal changes we made yesterday and he wants me to give those a week and if she's still dropping low at 3pm then he wants me to change the carb ratio and see if that works. He breezed through the TDD% and said it looks great and she's eating about the same about of carbs each day and her TDD is right where it should be. She's not missing boluses (whew! thats a plus!) We talked about the logging and he asked Kacey if she liked doing it and she told him she did and he said then he sees no reason to not give her that responsibility. Once again, I felt some relief! We don't have to go back til January :)

On the way home, we decided to make a stop off at the cemetary. It's been so difficult to go there and we've neglected it for about a month now. Kacey had picked a "special pumpkin" for Granny and drew a cute little face on it. The last trip down there, all Kacey did was cry and that made it even more painful. So we thought we'd try again and hope that it was a little easier.

It wasn't!
Kacey put the flowers and pumpkin by the headstone and we saw that they'd finally come out and put the date on the headstone. Granny already had her name and birthdate on it because it was done when Grandaddy passed away. So we'd been awaiting the date to appear. After Kacey put the pumpkin down, she walked around and sat on the edge of the headstone.

Yeah, I know....I probably shouldn't be sharing this pic of such a personal moment. I couldn't resist the capture. But it shows just how much my baby is missing such an important person in her life....her Great Granny. She sat there quietly and cried. I didn't interupt until about 5 minutes later. She stood up and said, "I'm done talking to Granny now." I managed to hold back my tears until then! She'd had a silent conversation with a resting place. She wiped her tears away and smiled with red eyes and said, "We can go now. Granny got her pumpkin and my heart is happy." Wise beyond her years is all I can say! She blew a kiss as we drove away and I silently cried all the way home. We miss her so much!


Wendy said...

What a sweet little angel you have...such a sweet littl heart.

Great job with the A1c!


Amy said...

I love Kacey's tender heart! This post made me cry...

You guys are awesome!

meanderings said...

You have all done a great job. Personally I think the fact that Kacey is logging her own info deserves an A++! (And her log book looks like a whole lot more fun than my spreadsheet!)
And great photo while visiting Granny.

Meri said...

What a sad, beautiful moment.
What a smart, brave little girl.
What a beautiful, caring mom!

john said...

Hello! How are you? I have added your blog on my Diabetes blogroll, can we exchange link?

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...


my son is 12 and has Type 1 as well.

I always get nervous b/f his A1C. We just went last week and I thought they are going to be over 8 for sure, but to my surprise they were 7.8.
Since school started we're adjusting his pump almost daily, but we found out that he grew 4" since his last appointment.