Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cowboy Herbie

Herbie decided that he was gonna try and be a cowboy today. Kacey is home again today because she had blood sugars running in the 400's again. She finally woke up at 11:30am but she still wasn't hungry. Yeah, I know....weird! She's high, yet she's not feeling the need to stuff her face? Nope! She's actually got an upset stomach. By 12:30pm, I'd convinced her to eat a lunchable. She finished lunch and was on her way into the bathroom to potty before getting back in bed. Herbie decided to lasso her tubing around the bathroom doorknob and Kacey experienced a ripped out pump site. She had Herbie in her pump bear so her tubing was dangling free. I heard her scream and she came running in crying. I'm not sure which hurt worse....the pain from it being ripped out OR the fact that she was holding Herbie in her hand with her site attached to it. Poor thing! I calmed her down and explained we had to put in another site after just doing a site change yesterday. Ugh! I promised to get it over with as quickly as I possibly could. We moved her site back to her front tummy and she's gone back to bed.
***Lesson Learned***- When you're not laying in bed, put Herbie in a pump pack!!


Amy said...

Dang it Herbie!!! Didn't you know that Kacey just wasn't in the mood to play????

Ouch! That HAD to have hurt! I sure hope she has a better day tomorrow!

Wendy said...


Hope she's feeling better...praying for better numbers!