Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back In Range

Finally after a few days, Kacey is back in range! It took a new site change and sugar checks every 2 hours and dosing to get her down...but we did it! She was a 136 at 2am this morning and then a 154 at 6am. It was really nice to wake her up and start the day with a smile. She got up out of dressed and made her own breakfast before I ever got myself ready. She was in such a great mood and she continued to hold steady through the day :)

I've noticed that a lot of the kids are running high and then Cara and my friend Tracy posted about their crazy highs on my Facebook and it made me really start thinking. It seems like Kacey is high when many others are high and then when we're battling lows, so are others. I blamed the moon on Cara's Facebook! Heehee! I hope all of them start feeling better. Cold season is in full swing!

***Moronic Mommy Moment***
Kacey usually packs her own lunch and I check behind her and usually stuff an "I love you!" note in there. This morning we were running behind and she packed up her backpack and I never checked her lunchbox. She got to school and when snacktime rolled around, she went into panic mode...LOL! She pulled her lunchbox out to get her snack and it was EMPTY! She'd forgotten to pack her lunch and this Moron Mommy forgot to check behind her! BUT...she knew that I'd put a basket of food in the closet in the nurses office. She had water, chips, crackers, cookies but I also have other things for lows. So she went to the nurse, gathered things for lunch and never even had to call me! So...just an idea for those other Moms out there that are always rushing around...take a container with extra stuff and stash it in the nurses office on days like these :)

I also wanted to let the gentleman that made the rude comment to my McDonald's post know...I responded to you and from now on if you can't say something nice on here please don't respond to my posts. I am not a doctor, I am not an expert, but the one thing that I am is a RESPONSIBLE and SENSATIVE parent that is controlling this uncontrollable disease the best way I possibly can. Oh, and BTW, I will continue to let my child eat McDonald's :) Thank you!


Lora said...

LMAO!! Good for you Jill for telling that gentleman (if thats what he is) about himself. Kids love McDonalds and why shouldn't they be able to have it on occation? I hate rude people!

Kelly said...

I totally feel the in range excitement....RELIEF!! We are too for the first time in 2 school weeks!! YAY for us Mommy pancreases!! Good job!

Amy said...

Awesome that Kacey is back in range- it just sucks to see them miserable with high blood sugars along with other crap that's going on!

And THAT MAN was completely out of line. It's one thing to be ignorant- but to be ignorant and rude at the same time??? There are about a million things floating around in my head that I would like to say to him right now!

Last week, Jada's dr. was very happy to hear that we try our hardest to let her just be a kid and sometimes- just being a kid involves junk food and trips to McDonalds. We were actually at McDonalds when we got the phone call about Jada's 6.8 A1C!! :)

Hallie Addington said...

Yipee! Good for you! I've also noticed that when my kiddo is high or sick or something, others are too. We're experiencing the same situation as other kids I'm reading about. Hmmm... wierd.

I LOVE that you stood up for yourself with the "mean poster" and McDonalds! McDonalds was the first place we went after leaving the hospital! It was a lifesaver those first few weeks because I could find carb counts for everything so it eliminated some of the stress. Plus, it made her feel like a regular kid and like our life wasn't totally over. After suffering through shots 5 or more times a day, too many finger pricks to count, blood draws, hosptial stays....the list goes on and on. How could they not feel a little different from everyone else? If going to McDonald's occasionally helps that - I'm all for it!
The way I look at it... When your child is diagnosed with diabetes, THEN you can have an opinion. Until then, shut the hell up.
Go you!

Wendy said...


Except we can't have much now that celiac joined the family...BUT IT STILL ROCKS!!!!

And so does a day of good numbers and extra snack stashes :)

Good job, TEAM KACEY!