Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ups and Downs

Thats how I'd describe my life and Kacey's blood sugars the last few weeks!

I'll start with the blood sugars. We've adjusted basals and can't seem to figure out what her body is doing. Diabetes is frustrating enough but when you add in hormones and growth spurts then it becomes insane! Right now she has 4 different basal rates. According to Herbie....over the last 2 weeks, shes only been in range 21.13% of the time and her average is a 209!! I know her A1c has gone up this time and so I'm already dreading the October appointment. She's not eating anything different than she normally has. I've emailed logs to her CDE and hope to hear back about making some basal changes. She's hitting some 400's and then going down to the 60's. I've changed sites every 2-3 days thinking insulin was going bad. She's corrected...tested...corrected more....tested again. It's just a nasty cycle and we can't seem to keep her levels on the lower end.

Now for me...I celebrated my 34th birthday on Saturday. Friday night, my wonderful hubby came home and gave me an envelope. Inside was a gift certificate for a full body massage!!! I was so excited and not only did he give me the gift certificate, he informed me that he'd made my appointment for 10am the next morning....the day of my birthday!!! I cannot begin to tell you how exciting that was for me. He went out of his way to ask around about local spas, found one with class, stopped during his work hours to get me the certificate and then booked the appt! When I woke up the morning of my birthday, I was greeted with 2 very happy girls holding 3 gift bags. I opened the first one from Kayleigh....a cell phone charm for my Pandora bracelet...because she's always on her cell phone. I then opened the one from Kacey...a butterfly charm for my Pandora bracelet....because we all love butterflies and she's got a special story that links her to them. Then they both handed me the third bag....a tulip charm with MOM written in the middle of the flower....from both of them! I was thrilled!! My Pandora bracelet is so special to me and I love that they pick the charms so when I look at them, I will think about what each one stands for. After gifts, we all got dressed and headed out for breakfast. I didn't want to eat too much since I knew I was going to be laying on a table soon! I was dropped off at the spa for an hour of relaxation at 9:50am.

I have to back track a little because I haven't mentioned what all is going on. For over 6 weeks now, I've been having some trouble with numbness down my right arm when I sleep. It started out happening once a week, then it went to once a night, now it happens at least 5-6 times a night. It's so bad that I have to physically get out of bed, stand up and walk around to make the tingling and pain in my arm stop. The pins & needles sensation goes away but the tingling remains. I've had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand before but this isn't how it felt before the surgery. I went to the doctor last week and she sent me for xrays. The xrays showed some arthritis in my back but they didn't seen anything wrong with my discs (thank goodness) but she thinks it might be a pinched nerve so I have to go for an EMG on Thursday of this week. So this is another reason my blog has been neglected. Sitting here and typing with my fingers tingling isn't a good feeling.

So, when Frankie got me the massage, he was hoping that whatever was wrong could be helped with a rub down. After the massage, I was like a cooked noodle. And...so far....no tingling. We ended up going out to dinner later that evening at my favorite place, Golden Corral and then back to my Moms for cake and ice cream....and some presents ;) I got a few more pieces to my Sizzix that I'm excited about using. We left there and went to Frankie's cousins house, where we ended up playing Spades and talking til nearly 1am! That night, no tingling and I slept all night! Wow! Could this REALLY have worked?

Sunday morning was the final walk through of Granny's house. A sad day, but it was only our family and Frankie's Aunt there so it was easier than I thought it would be. The place was spotless and the landlord was very nice about it! His Aunt will be getting the deposit back :) so thats a little "nest egg" that she really wasn't expecting to get back. After we were done there, we took the girls to Busch Gardens. Ohhhhh it was so hot! We didn't get on many rides and we saw one of the shows we hadn't seen before. On our way home.....light tingling in my fingers. OHNO! :( Sunday night....woke up 4 different times with the numbness again. So something is wrong...not sure what...but there is definately something wrong.

Yesterday, I took Frankie's Aunt to get her post office box, change her address so her mail is forwarded and then took her grocery shopping. Wowwwwww! I've got such a system when I go to the store and I go up and down each aisle so I don't have to run back and forth from aisle to aisle in a Super Walmart. She had her list of about 15 things but once we got in there, she got more excited about cooking and us coming over to eat so she picked up more stuff. It just took us longer because she didn't know where everything was...LOL! All day, I had the tingling in my fingers and last night was another night with waking up 4 times.

I'm hoping on Thursday they can tell me what is going on :( My time on here is up for now. I can barely feel my fingers. I'll keep everyone updated as I can!

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Wendy said...

I will pray for you!!!!! Perhaps you need regular therapeutic massages :) Does insurance pay for that....hmmmm....

As for Kacey's numbers -- BLAME DIABETES!!!!! FYI -- Addy had 15 yes FIFTEEN basal rates when we switched to PING -- PING only allows 12 so that's where she is now. I tweaked and tweaked and tweaked -- if there are a pattern of highs/lows, I go back 2 hours and adjust. That's how we got to 15 rates -- but her A1c was in the low 7's for 2 years, so I guess it worked!!!! As soon as I had to back down on her basals, she jumped to 7.8 on the PING :( It's a work in progress...

(((HUGS))) Keep us posted!