Monday, July 13, 2009

Swift Change

A day in the life of diabetes is NEVER the same. Diabetes can be cool and calm or it can be a pain in the ass! We've been battling some serious highs here lately....bouncing up in the 300-400 range and then coming down and being in the 200's for a steady time frame. Test. Correct. Test. Correct. It seemed like that was all we did since Granny passed away. The first week, I blamed it on the sadness and stress that Kacey was going through. What excuse did we have for the second week? Nothing! Could have been a growth spurt? Could have been stress? Could have been the fact that it was too hot to get outside? I won't ever know but what I do know is the highs took their toll on Kacey. She was so grumpy and with everything that was going on, she had every right to be. Last night she settled in to bed with her blood sugar in the 300's and insulin on board from the correction. I tucked her in and placed a cold bottle of water beside her bed. Just an hour into her sleep, she woke up to run to the potty. Damn highs! She drank some more and went on back to sleep. I set the alarm for 2am and tiptoed in to test her...160...finally! She'd come back into range. She woke up at 8:30am and she tested...180. She went up and she hadn't had anything to eat or drink. She wanted cereal for breakfast (ugh! I hate cereal days!) I braced myself for a high. She tested at 12pm .... 60! WHAT?!?! A 60?!?! She wasn't feeling it either. Scary! So she ate lunch and went back to playing on the computer. I had her test again at 2pm...148. Wow! Thats good considering she'd eaten 2 hours ago. Then I had her test at 4pm...66! OMG! She wasn't feeling that one either! She ended up eating dinner but she was feeling really drained. about a swift change! Here I was thinking that she'd need some basal changes but now with the lows and the do you adjust? I'm scared to make any changes. She just tested at 8pm and she is a 168. Thats a great number for her to go to bed with! The 2am check should be interesting ;)

This is just more proof that diabetes can change your life in a split second and you have to be ready for whatever it throws at you! Dang curve balls! LOL!

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Rachel said...

Oh poor Jill!!!! We've had this problem for the longest time. We would send the numbers to his diabetes and they couldn't figure out a pattern because there wasn't one!!!! It's very hard to make adjustment that way because you never know how they will react!

I hate diabetes!!! :)