Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun-filled Weekend

The last 2 days have been wonderful!
My weekend started with a day to scrapbook all to myself. I got together with friends and we scrapbooked from 9am-5pm. It was so much fun :) When I arrived home, Frankie was cutting the grass and Kacey was playing outside. I walked into a house lit with Yankee candles...the floors were swept and vacuumed...the kitchen was cleaned...the beds were made...the trash was taken out....the laundry was going...the bathroom was cleaned and all I could do was stand there in shock as Kacey said, "Mommy, do you like how we cleaned?" WOWWWWWW! I felt like a queen! I'd been gone all day and I came home and didn't have to lift a finger :) We ended up going to Frankie's best friends house for dinner so that meant I didn't have to cook either! Woohoo!

Today we woke up and went down to visit Frankie's aunt. Sundays were always our day to go eat breakfast with Granny and his Aunt didn't want us to break the "tradition". We went down there to visit and it was extremely difficult for some reason. When we'd get there on Sunday mornings, we could smell breakfast cooking and it was on the table when we'd walk in. This morning, we couldn't smell anything....Frankie cooked :( We stayed about 2 hours and then we went on to the cemetary. All the flowers are dead and it's soooo real now! I did ok til we got back in the car and Frankie turned to me and said "Breakfast wasn't the same this morning, was it?" I couldn't hold my tears back any longer. It wasn't the same. It never will be. There was no smell of corn cakes cooking. I know thats one thing I will truely miss...Granny's corn cakes! I've been married to Frankie for 10 years and with him for 13 years and I still couldn't make a corn cake like Granny did.

We left the cemetary to go down to the river for the workboat races. Another event that brought back a flood of memories. Yesterday I mentioned shopping with my Mom this time last year....well this time last year we'd gone to the races as well! It was a Sunday, just like today. **Looking back*** We had taken the girls down to see the races and we sat on the beach. Kacey was drinking one soda after another and she kept having to go to the bathroom. She was hot and exhausted after being on the beach for 4 hours. Little did we know that just 2 days later she'd be hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. Today I stood on the pier looking over at the spot that we sat last year. I remember how hot it was...just like it was today. I remember Frankie having to go get the car because Kacey was so exhausted and complained of her stomach hurting. Today when it was time to leave, Frankie went to get the car again while Kacey and I sat on the bench to wait. Why did we have to sit down? Kacey's blood sugar went from a 107 to a 334! Once again, she was sick at her stomach. I don't know what causing these swings in her sugars but it's insane! I know her A1c has gone up because we've lost control (not that we ever had it to begin with). I'm guessing we're going to be changing some basals this week... we'll see!
Heres a pic of Kacey today out on the boat...
What a wonderful weekend! It was nice to be pampered for a change :)
3 days til Kacey's 1 year D-Anniversary
4 days til Kacey gets her cast off
8 days til my 1 year Blog anniversary


AjsMommy82 said...

I'm SO glad you had a great weekend scrapbooking!...It's such a great stress reliever! And we all know you were due for some major stress relief!

Wendy said...

Wow...I'm not even a scrapper and that sounds like fun!!!!

WHAT A HUBBY :) :) :) (And Kacey too!!). Big kudos to them for spoiling you rotten!!!!!!

The big DIAversary is looming for us too...