Friday, May 29, 2009



Kacey got a paper home from school today for an end of the year project. The project is called "Y3W- Your 3 Words". ABC airs the Y3W segment on Good Morning America about once a month and you can also see examples on their website.

When asked the question: "Your 3 words to the world- What would they be?". The students are being asked to spend time thinking carefully of a message that embodies something important to them. They have to share this message in the form of writing 3 words in a creative way. The parents are then asked to take a digital picture or up to three and email them to the teacher. The pictures will be used on an end of the year powerpoint presentation at their awards ceremony.

It didn't take Kacey long to figure out what is important to her. The way she captured it says it all! Take a look below:

What would your 3 words be?


Chris said...

Since "Cure My Diabetes" is taken, I'll go with "I am Spartacus" (twitter plug)

Rachel said...

Oh what a great idea!!! Good one Kacey. :) I will ask Tristan what his 3 words would be when he gets home... I wonder what he will say.