Monday, May 4, 2009

Evil Fries

I've come to the conclusion that Kacey just can't have french fries without her blood sugar shooting to the moon. We've tried a few times to have them and bolused different each time and she still goes high. Last night, we were doing a quick dinner and Kacey wanted fries. She ended up bouncing up into the 300's and stayed high all night...woke up grumpy...and was still in the 300's at snacktime. We've just accepted that for now we just can't do fries!

I went to join the gym today! :D As soon as I signed my membership papers, I was off to the locker room to put my bag up and I headed right out to the treadmill. I completed a 30 min walk and was drenched! I'm so proud of myself :) I've had so much more energy this afternoon.
Change of plans for my meeting this week. The EC had an unexpected death in her family and she will be out until May 11th. So we have to postpone the meeting. Kacey goes back to the Endo on the 11th and so we will meet the EC that day. She will also be hooked up to Dex that day!
I'm substituting at school every day this week (Yaaaayyyyyy!) so I won't be around as much but I will check in as I can.


Amy said...

Darn those fries!! Jada typically has to avoid them as well! What a bummer!

Joanne said...

So far we haven't seen any foods that do that to Elise. Although when she eats fries, she only gets a few (she's on a set amount of carbs each meal - too many fires and there;s no room for the healthy food). We haven't seen an issue with pasta yet either.

I wonder if this will change as she gets older?

Joanne said...

ummm, too many FRIES not fires. I don't allow my daughter to eat fire.

I reeeally need to proof-read before I hit the publish your comment button.

Kelly said...

Crazy, we don't have the highs with french fries so much, but we do with ice cream! Frustrating isn't it!!??

I think that they stay high overnight after the higher fat foods because the whole high fat and insulin resistance thing. Frustrating when corrections don't budge em'!

Cara said...

Fries suck. They totally screw up my blood sugar. Actually, white potatoes in general do that to me. So I avoid them if possible. Sometimes I just break down and have some anyway and suffer the consequences. But I don't do that too often cause I hate the way the highs make me feel.

Kassie said...

I hate all the "P" foods - pizza, pasta, potatoes. They send both Jake and I soaring, blood sugar wise!

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Good job going to the gym! I need to get to the gym too!! Syd struggles with fries too...she isn't too fond of them so that helps but there are certain foods we just have to steer clear of.