Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Territory

I'm so pleased with Kacey! Last night around 9pm, she tested before bed at she was a 443 (yikes!) After careful inspection, it looked as if her cannula had wiggled it's way close to coming out. (Yep, Herbie went bungee jumping twice yesterday) Her numbers were in the 200+ range all day and then when she hopped up to the 400's, I thought it was best to just go on and do a site change and bring those numbers back down. She took the old site out and then we went on a search mission to find the "perfect" spot. She has this fear of hitting a vein since I've done that twice already :( and so she takes a close look and looks up at me with sad blue eyes and says "Mommy I don't know where to put it?" So I pretended to put on my spy glasses and searched around for the right spot (LOL! Sometimes some pretend play is the perfect way to go!) I suggested trying a spot further back. She instantly said "NO!" and welled up with tears. I reminded her of the goal we set when we went to pump training. GOAL 1: Do a site on the hip. We haven't made it there yet! After about 5min, Herbie beeped at us to remind us he was waiting to be reconnected...LOL! Then she blurts out... "I'm a big girl! Just do it!" (haha made me think of the Nike commercial and if I ever run across a shirt with "Just Do It" on it then I'm buying it for her!) SOOOOOOOOO..... we're in new territory!!! I was so proud of her :) She never even shed a tear when I did it. It burned a little bit more and as for the numbers....well it took a few corrections to get her back down into range and at lunchtime today she was sitting pretty at 163 (better than a 400)!

We went shopping with my Mom today. The girls are on Spring Break and the weather is crappy. It's too cold and windy to do anything. The plans of going to Busch Gardens and Putt Putt Golf were tossed out the window and we replaced them with shopping :D Our main goal today was to get the girls new sneakers. Kacey has been complaining of her feet hurting and the sneakers she had were pretty worn out. She's so hard to take shopping for shoes because everything "makes her feet hurt". We went out to Williamsburg to the Reebok outlet store. (I love that place!) I had her fitted for shoes this time. Instead of walking around and trying on different ones to see what fit, we knew what size to choose from. My Mom found a cute pink & white pair and Kacey tried them on.....BINGO! Perfect fit! She walked around, twirled, jumped, hopped and then smiled and said "I love them!" Noway?!?! Could this be?!?! The first pair she tried on fit great. They fit so good that she didn't want to take them off and she walked out with them on her feet. Wow! That was easy! From now on, we're going right to Reebok and having her fitted before she gets new sneakers each time. As for Kayleigh, she also needed new running shoes. She's going to be working out and training with my brother while she is in Hawaii for 8 weeks. She's working on getting those 6pk abs (which she's not too far from having)! She's such a fitness buff and I'm glad she loves to stay in shape. So I had to get her a pair of sneakers that would hold up through the workouts. She tried on a few pair until she found the right one. She's in between sizes right now so we got her some running socks as well and hopefully she won't have to worry about her feet sliding. (Thanks Nae-Nae for getting them new sneakers!) Since we were at the outlet mall, the trip wouldn't be complete unless we ducked into Aeropostle. We always hit good sales in there for Kayleigh since she's still so skinny and usually what's left on the clearance racks are the small things. She got 5 new shirts for $3-$5 each! :) I'll take her back out there before she leaves to get her some new shorts for her trip. She's worn the same size for about 4 years now...LOL!

After all of that, we still had grocery shopping to do (ugh!) I hate grocery shopping but this time I was so thrilled with myself because I had $65 in coupons!! I used to do coupons when Frankie and I first got married and through the years it was easier to run in and get what I needed and run out (unless some pretty good coupons caught my eye in the paper) Because we are on a tighter budget now, I decided it was time to get back to clipping those coupons and actually putting them to use because it was like throwing money away! I'm so glad I did :) Plus I actually got a pretty good deal this time. I had 4 coupons-- 2 for (up to) $30 off glucose machines and 2 for (up to ) $20 off the strips. We don't need another glucose machine but these coupons were too hard to pass up considering it made everything FREE! I had a wonderful idea of how to put them to use. I'm in the process of setting up a T1 Diabetes support group in my area since there isn't one near us and we know of several children diagnosed recently. So I thought when we meet for the support group, we could have little give-away's each meeting. I'm gonna save these glucose machines for that :) Each child that attends will put their name on a ticket and at the end of the meeting then we will draw out for the prize! So I'm going to start a box full of goodies that they can choose from and every little card I get in the mail for free diabetes stuff I will fill out and add to the box.

LOL so after all of that, we worked up an appetite and so we stopped and had lunch at Subway with my Mom. Then it was time to go home and put away a month worth of groceries!!

It was a great day!


Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Sounds like a great day! Good job exploring unchartered territory! Syd has grown to really like her arm. Works for us. :-) Anyway good job and it sounds like you had some great buys!! Grandmas are great!!

Amy said...

Yes- Kacey is not only a big girl- but a brave girl as well! Jada talks about Kacey- as "that girl who gets shots in her tummy" (obviously- not anymore!). But- the other day, Jada almost volunteered her tummy to take a shot "like that girl". When it came down to it, she just couldn't, but I think we're close!
Sounds like you had a great day shopping- I love shopping trips like that!