Friday, March 20, 2009

Pumping Saline

We're home from the pump training! Kacey is officially pumping saline with "Herbie". The 3 hour training ended up only being 2 hours for us. I got every question answered...I put her site in....and I'm feeling pretty dang confident right now! I was so proud of tears...except when we left and they were tears of joy! I just absolutely LOVE our CDE and the time she takes with us. None of my questions were silly and I even had tons more once we started programming the pump. She had Kacey do all the button pressing until it was time to load the cartridge. Since I will be the one doing that, she had me do that part. Kacey got a chance to fill her own cartridge and also insert a site on a "pretend" piece of skin. It was VERY cool to watch how independent she's becoming. Her CDE offered for her to put the site in her but she was too scared to, so she chose the pretend skin instead. How many CDE's would offer to turn your child loose and let her stick her with a needle? Thats why we like her so much! I'll quit jabbering and share the pics now. Thanks to Kayleigh, we got some pretty cool pics!

Kristen & Kacey programming the settings on "Herbie"

Kacey with all her supplies to get started.

Learning to fill the cartridge on her own.

Filling the cartridge on her own.

Kristen helping her get the air bubbles out.

Kacey putting a site in the "pretend" skin.
Everything ready to put a site in.
Me doing Kacey's site for the first time. (OMG! I was so nervous!)

Filling the cannula.
Kacey & Herbie.....FINALLY! LOL look at that smile!!!

The tears of joy after it was all over! Mommy hugs!

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Wendy said...

Yippee!!! GOOD JOB GUYS :) I was so excited to read this post and LOVED seeing the pics. I can't wait until you guys GO LIVE. WOOHOO!!!