Monday, February 23, 2009

Milestone Day

Today is another one of those "milestone days" for Kacey.

I spoke with her teacher the other day about Kacey moving all her diabetes supplies from the nurses office to the classroom. She told me she had no problems with Kacey testing and dosing in the classroom. I explained the notebook with her and told her that Kacey is doing all her dosing herself anyway. She agreed that it was safer for Kacey to do all her care in the classroom because of the germs that linger in the clinic. When we went to school this morning, I walked Kacey's "black bag" to her classroom (LOL! yep its a bag the hospital gave us to send to school that holds all her stuff) The nurse came with me to make sure her teacher agreed with this (which I knew she did!) and then she turned to Kacey and asked her if she was ok with it. Kacey smiled and told her she was and she was happy she didn't have to leave the room now!

We're going to see how this works for a few days and if it's too much trouble then we will come up with another plan.

Why is this a milestone?

Because today Kacey is caring for her diabetes on her own. No call to me at lunch to figure up her dose (unless she needs to...she can use her teachers cell phone) She knows she is in good hands with Mrs. M and she knows if she needs anything Mrs. M will call me from the classroom. Kacey will be testing at snack, lunch and before resource class....figuring her own dose for lunch...then giving her own shot. I'm amazed at how far she has come in just 7 months and I'm looking forward to her getting her pump so she will have more independence like she did before she was diagnosed.

She is my hero!


George said...

That is so awesome! Way to go Kacey. It is a big deal when you can feel a little more independent. I am happy for her.

Anonymous said...

That is so huge! Tell Kacey that Nikki and I are so impressed and are sending her a giant HIGH FIVE!!!!

Cara said...

Cool! That independence is so important! :)