Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Kayleigh & Kacey (feeling MUCH better)
Wow! What a rough few days. Kacey is finally getting back to normal as she can get. It's nice to finally see some better blood sugar numbers although they aren't back in range completely because of the cough syrup. She's still waking up high every morning and I am still waiting for the CDE to call me back about that. The school nurse got a new Health Care Plan faxed to her today with changes on it. Since it's a school plan then it doesn't include the Lantus changes so I have no idea what they want us to do about those. The breakfast carbs are staying the same 1:15 but they are changing her lunch carbs to 1:12. I think that is going to help tremendously with the spikes after lunch. That seems to be the only meal she does that with. She doesn't eat anything that would make her spike like that but for example, today she was an 84 for lunch (wowwww! we havent seen numbers like that in a while and I had to make her repeat it because I thought I didn't hear her right!) but then when she tested 2 hours later she was a 332! So that 1:12 should really help!

A bit of good news for me...I will be in class on Tuesday and Thursday of next week from 8:00am-4:30pm for official substitute training! After I go through that then I may or may not have to go through an internship (most likely not because of my experience) and I will get my ID badge and I will officially be back in the working world :) I really am excited about it! It's sorta bitter-sweet. A part of me is a bit sad because it's a sign that my babies are growing up and it's time for me to find something to do that makes me happy and makes me money....but on the other hand I am really happy and VERY thankful that I've been able to be a stay (work) at home mom for the last 9 years! Not many Mommies get the chance to raise their kids and be there for them when they really need them. The nice part about just being a substitute is that if Kacey is sick or needs me then I don't have to work that day. If there is something I have to do outside of school then I have the schedule that can be flexible for that. Not to mention, I will be working at Kacey's school so I will be right there if she happens to need me! I think it's going to be a great career move for me :)

Also... THANK YOU again Sticky Jewelry! Kacey got her new strap to her diabetes bracelet in the mail today and she was one VERY happy little girl! I didn't tell her what the package was and when she ripped into it she was thrilled to see what it was! As much as she liked her trusty beaded bracelet that I made her when she came home from the hospital, she was just very glad to have her "real" diabetes bracelet back on.

Kayleigh got her new glasses over the weekend. She went from the wire frames back to the plastic frames. These are really cute on her and I like the color! She's growing up way to fast!! *sigh*

More soon.....

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