Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In Review

This past year has certainly been a roller coaster ride. Much like day to day life with diabetes. I'll try to re-cap as best as I can :)

I was suffering from a bad round of bronchitis and a sinus infection. I'd been coughing for weeks and waiting way too long before going to the doc. I was put on Augmentin...within 2 days I broke out in hives. Not just a small patch either...these were all over the body, scratch your back against the wall, feel like your skin is crawling hives! I ended up on Prednisone for a week! *grumbles* Not starting off the new year too great!

My Mom's 55th birthday.

Kayleigh starts her period...yikes!

My brother's 10th Anniversary (way to go bro!)

Kacey cuts her hair....8 inches gone!

We take the girls to see the Monster Trucks and Arena Motorcross


Kacey starts her bowling league again

Kayleigh plays indoor field hockey

I suffer thru a teeth cleaning at the dentist (OMG I hate the dentist!)

Start to plan the surprise party for Frankie


Kacey turns 8 years old!

Frankie turns 40 years old!

Throw a surprise 40th birthday party for Frankie. He thought he was coming to Kacey's birthday and it was his own! Kacey played a huge part in keeping the secret :) and she gave up having a party so we could give him a party...something he's never had!

Both girls get their teeth cleaned

Leave the girls overnight to go to The Funny Bone (a comedy club) and spend some time with friends we haven't been out with in a while.

Busch Gardens opens :)

Kacey takes a class trip to Norfolk Zoo. The first fieldtrip Frankie has been able to get off work and go on. It happened to be the same day as his birthday so he spent it at the zoo with her!

We took the girls to see Bull Riding



Kayleigh starts conditioning with the high school field hockey team. Tryouts are in Aug!

Having more "female" problems. I'm really starting to think more is wrong than they think.

More Busch


More ultrasounds on those female parts that don't work anyway!

Mother's Day

Kacey's bowling tournament

My brother gets promoted to chief in the USCG (congrats bro!)

Kayleigh's hockey season banquet

More Busch Gardens

Water Country opens

My brother and his family come to visit before traveling across the USA to Hawaii where they will be stationed for 3yrs *cry*

Kayleigh starts the Wilton cake classes

Kacey finishes up her bowling season


Kacey starts softball

Kayleigh starts summer outdoor field hockey

Kayleigh's Academic Excellence awards ceremony

Kayleigh's first formal dance

Pre-op for my surgery- Endometrial Ablation


Spend some time laying on the beach recovering :)



Kacey still playing softball

Kayleigh still playing field hockey

More time on the beach

Kayleigh starts 2nd cake class

DIABETES DIAGNOSIS- 3 days in the Pediatric ICU

Kayleigh to eye doctor for contacts

Diabetes Sweeties team starts to form

Diabetes Sweeties blog starts


My 33rd Birthday (although I will always be 32! heehee!)

I cut 7 inches off my hair!

Kayleigh starts tryouts for the JV hockey team

CHKD Diabetes Carnival

Open house for school- Kayleigh 9th grade and Kacey 3rd grade

Meet with Kacey's school nurse to discuss her care

Meet with Kacey's new teachers to discuss her care

More Busch Gardens


BACK TO SCHOOL- One of the scariest days of my life! This was the first time since diagnosis that I let Kacey be away from me at all. Nervous. Scared. Sick. And yes I cried....ALOT!

Josh Gracin in concert

Kacey starts bowling again

Kayleigh makes the JV high school field hockey team!

Kacey goes back for her first Endo check up since diagnosis

Kayleigh starts her 3rd cake class

I attend the volunteer meeting/orientation at Kaceys school

Howl-O-Scream starts at Busch Gardens

Kayleigh turns 14 years old

Kayleigh gets asked to Homecoming Dance

Kayleigh gets her first boyfriend


Homecoming parade/football game

Homecoming Dance

Bale sale/Jewelry sale to raise money for the JDRF Walk

Our first JDRF Walk to a Cure- 45 walkers came to support our team

Pumpkin carving


JV field hockey season ends and Kayleigh gets her JV letter. The team went UNDEFEATED this year! (Go Dukes!)


I start to volunteer almost full time at Kacey's school

Fall Festival

This month 12 years ago I met Frankie

Happy Thanksgiving


Frankie's sister comes to visit. We haven't seen her in 7 years!

I attend substitute training to be a sub in Kacey's school

Kacey takes her first fieldtrip without me since diagnosis (scary day!)


First Secret Santa exchange in the Diabetes OC (and a great one it was!) I had just as much fun giving as I did receiving. What a special group we have here!

Our family gets into the Wii rollercoaster! I found muscles I didn't know I had (haha!)

Kayleigh celebrates her 3 month anniversary with her boyfriend (yikes...haha I remember when I celebrated "months")

Kacey gets her first real cold since diagnosis and it kicks her out of her honeymoon



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