Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Biggest Loser Bitch!

OMGGGGGGG Caraaaaaaaaa..... Can you believe what just happened on The Biggest Loser? Dangit! I thought for SURE Vicky was gone! OMG I cant believe Amy would keep her there after all that happened....that sucks!!! I guess she's playing the game now...LOL cuz if she keeps black in her corner and then has blue in her corner, she can weasel her way thru to the finale!

Geesh! I wanted her to leaveeeeeee!!!!

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Cara said...

I was seriously disturbed! Colleen was my fav from the first episode. I really thought she would send Vicky home (I would have). Because Vicky straight out said that she didn't trust Amy. That's code for "I'm sending your @** to the house the first chance I get". I have no idea what Amy was thinking. The only thing I can figure out is that maybe she is trying to keep both teams guessing what she is doing to try to play the game a little longer and stay in the house for a while.
If she wanted blue team votes, she got them back by sending home Colleen.
I really, really, really want Vicky gone. I think though that she will be in the final 3. If you check out her MySpace page (Vicky Vilcan) she blogs about it after every episode...almost like she is doing damage control. America got to vote who left and who stayed on one of the last episodes last time. So maybe she really does make it and it trying to repair the damage that she's causing.
The worst part is when she said "wouldn't it be really bad if the biggest game player got played". Personally, I just thought it'd be funny. :(