Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Mom knows best!

As a child I always remember hearing... "Listen to your mom, she knows best!" and I used to roll my eyes and tell myself I knew what I was doing.... pffffft! NOT! Now I'm sitting here realizing how true that statement really is!! Yesterday the CNP called me...yep the same one that told me she was going to ask Dr. R when we could start the pump... well she was calling to let me know she finally talked to Dr. R about it. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ~pause~ I thought the CDE that called me on Fri told me NO PUMP til we're thru the honeymoon! ~play~ So she goes on to tell me that Dr. R said right now is a little premature to start her (duh! I knew that! Its only been 2 months) but he doesnt see why we cant start thinking about pump classes when she sees him in January. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thats wonderful news!!! I told her what the CDE said and how she basically told me I was wrong for doing my research now. She said that I was RIGHT in being proactive and that is exactly what Dr. R likes to see because that shows him we're gonna manage Kacey's diabetes as best as we can. Whew! a little light lit back up inside me and I felt like I saw some hope again :D Yay!! So then I told her about the 400's we got and how scary they were. We weren't faxing weekly blood sugars til today but I thought maybe she wasnt getting enough insulin for the carbs she was eating. So I asked for her permission to lower the insulin to carb ratio... back to 1:20... she said that since Kacey dropped so much on that dose that she would do it 1:25 and see how she does :) and then she told me I was doing a great job seeing those signs and trying to tweak things already. (puts Super Mom cape back on and ties it around my neck) I felt that boost in confidence again! So last night her numbers were 123....134....143 ...wooohoooooo how's that for GREAT numbers?!?! She woke up this morning at a 156!!! So Im pleased with myself for speaking up and saying something!

Its gonna be a good day :)

Ohhhh and yesterday Kayleigh won her hockey game again! ... 5-1 !!! So that means they are still UNDEFEATED!!! Im so happy for her :) Only 2 more games til the playoffs :D

Until later...

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