Friday, October 3, 2008

Poke Proof

Kacey's been saving her test strips to make pictures with them (gross to some yes...but worth it!) Every little strip is proof of a poke she's done. Poke...prick...fingerstick....each strip with it's own story of a low, normal or high blood sugar. These pictures are priceless! To some people these pictures may look like something a child created with little strips of paper...but they mean much more to us! They hold no value to anyone except those suffering with diabetes. Only they can know what each one of those strips means. It means... the joys of a normal blood sugar....the scare of a low blood sugar....and the worry of a high blood sugar. As a mom, I wouldn't take a million dollars for these pictures! To me, they are the pain my child deals with every single day....the struggle she goes through to get her blood sugars in normal range...and the hurt she feels with each one of those pokes into her tender skin.
House, Person & Sun (55 pokes)

Happy Halloween (minus the O) haha! (68 pokes)
btw.. thats a heart, smile face & skeleton

Yep this one speaks for itself! (50 pokes)
Freestyle Lite test meter....$50.00
300 test strips a month.... $15.00
1 used bloody test strip....useless
3 pictures made with 2wks of used test strips....PRICELESS!!

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