Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Day!

I took the girls over to Busch Gardens today at 10am. We stopped by and met up with their cousins Bev, Whitney & Connor. We decided to pack a lunch so we didn't have to buy lunch in the park. It was a gorgeous day....great weather...and the park wasn't crowded at all! Kaceys sugar was a 177 when she woke up so that wasnt too bad. By snacktime she checked and it was a 271!! Lunch....360....YIKES!!! Then around 4pm she tested and was still a 322! She just tested for dinner and shes down to a 191. So I dont know what her poor body is doing...LOL! She never once complained of feeling bad...her ketones were negative...and she was in the best mood! So Im not too concerned about it :) They had so much fun today! Next weekend is the Josh Gracin concert...and we are SOOOO excited!!
Til tomorrow....

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