Friday, August 15, 2008

Still on the "Low" end

Well...its been nearly 24 hours since Kacey's dose was changed and she's still running on the "lower" end of things. She woke up with a 94 and had a 94 for now we have to work toward getting her to that "target" of 150. Im guessing that if she doesnt show signs of coming up then they will reduce her Lantus again next week.

On another note...I got Kay's hockey schedule for the season. Whew! Its gonna be crazy and they travel all over! A few of the games are at the Olympic Training field so thats pretty cool! Im happy for her :) Ive seen a HUGE improvement in her the last 2 weeks. Its like watching a butterfly come out of its coccoon. Very cool! She's still playing defense and her hits are so much stronger...thanks to all that weight lifting she did over the summer with the conditioning! She came home really excited the other day because she got to keep her same number... #12 ....from the last 3 years she's played!

OK...a storm is about to hit so Im gonna go for now... be back later on with dinner dose results :)


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