Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Sleepless Night Ahead :(

Well...looks like Ive got another rough night ahead :(

I woke Kacey up at 1am and tested her and she was a 282. I tried to get her to drink but she was so sleepy she sipped and went back to sleep. I tossed and turned and ...yes...worried! So I woke her up at 7am and tested her again...155! So I let her go back to sleep and I layed back down and I started thinking about what she ate yesterday and at lunchtime we had her bowling party and I thought maybe I didnt calculate in enough carbs for what she ate while we were out....and since she was down to 155 then maybe I was right. So by the time she got up it was after 9am...she tested and it was 134! So surely I was right and it was just that she didnt get enough insulin for what she ate.....WRONG! Lunchtime rolls around and she tested...253!!! UGH! *grumbles face* I dont understand whats making her shoot up. I know for sure I calculated her dose right *cry* So..we decided to take the girls back over to Busch Gardens since we were meeting Mom & Brian for dinner. We walked around and the girls got on a few rides...we saw the Jukebox show....and then we left because it was so crowded again! We got to dinner and Kacey tested... 126!!! Geesh!!! Its like a damn rollercoaster :( So I told her she could have what she wanted and we would make sure we tried to guess a little better for what she was eating. Well.....its now bedtime dose....she tested and I nearly fell out... 297!!!! WTF?!?!?! I really dont understand :( I know Im calculating her dose as accurate as possible and she still seems to be running high. I think maybe they shouldnt have changed her carbs to 1:20 should of stayed 1:15....but what do I know? So now we just have to keep a close eye on her because the doc doesnt want us calling unless she gets 3 sugars over 300 back to back in a week. How crazy is that?!?! So I guess Im in for another sleepless night... have to set the clock for 1am to retest her :(

Good news for this week... Kay's hockey practice's are only from 5-7pm on M, W and F ... and then on T and Th she has her first scrimmage games :) Im excited because I think she may be on starting line up. She's started every scrimmage game theyve had against the Varsity we'll see! One of the games is in Tabb and the other is at the Olympic Training Center in Va Beach. So I'll be on the road with her :)

OK...Im off for a shower! Thanks to all of you that are reading and keeping up :)

Til tomorrow...

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