Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Day of Rest

Today we decided that we'd just take a day and visit. We left around 8am and went to Grannys and stayed there through lunch and then went to visit my Mom for dinner. It felt good to relax and just do "nothing". Kacey did really well being out all day but by 6pm she was wiped out again. We packed the cooler & backpack with things for her to eat and so there was so "guessing" for meals. Tomorrow I am putting in a call to the Diabetes Center to find out why we havent been called about the follow up appt since she left the hospital.On a positive note....we now have a team for the Walk for a Cure... "DIABETES SWEETIES" ....Im thrilled that this is all coming together now! I got the team registered and Ive created a myspace page as well as the letter to send out to friends and family. I will post more about it soon!

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