Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

HALLOWEEN....that one holiday that every D-Mom dreads. A holiday centered around CANDY. So as a D-Mom, we sit and make that decision to "let them be kids" or "make them D-kids and not allow it". My girls love dressing up, they always have. So when they start seeing costumes, they go into creative overload and get excited about it. Our family chooses to "let them be kids" and we worry about the candy later. Neither of the girls have ever been big candy eaters and we end up giving most of it away. The last few years, Kacey has taken it into class to be used for the "treat boxes". I buy her candy back with something a movie or books that she wants. It's never been an issue so we really don't dread the holiday too much.

This year we had to opportunity to give back and participate in our church's first ever, Trunk-or-Treat. We chose the theme, "West's Halloween Sweet Shop" and Kacey dressed as a baker handing out candy to the little ones that passed by. Kayleigh's girls group decided to do "Angry Birds" and they dressed up and had a great time with it. We knew there would be a prize for the best decorated trunk but I never expected to win! Our trunk was decorated as the "oven"...complete with lights inside to make it look like a glowing oven. It was so fun! We ended up winning FIRST PLACE....and a $50 gift card. It was awesome!!!

As for Halloween night....well my hubby's best friend still has a small child so the girls dressed up and they took him around trick-or-treating. It was GREAT! Kacey ended up dropping to a 51 during the walk and I became a human pez dispenser (thanks Reyna!) and popped her some glucose tabs. She continued on like nothing was wrong and 10 minutes later she was STILL low...55. So we tore open the Skittles....1 bag....2 bags....and up to a 178 by the time we finished :) Take THAT diabetes! It didn't stop her from having fun and enjoying the giggles. We saw some very creative costumes while we were out.

As for me...I went dressed as the Mom...aka. Silent Pancreas. LOL!


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