Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Thats what today is.....

It's the first ever TDay...Type 1 Diabetes Day. A day for us to spread awareness.

November is finally here....Diabetes Awareness Month. Every day we struggle to educate those around us about diabetes and some days it's not worth trying to fuss over it. But November is when I try extra hard to educate and spread awareness for diabetes.

There are many things coming up this month. The one Kacey really looks forward to is World Diabetes Day. We all wear BLUE.

She takes part in the BIG BLUE TEST.

There are many contests coming up on other blogs. I'm working on one for WDD, November 14th. I will be posting details soon!

We're looking forward to lots of fun blog posts coming up. I'm even wondering if I can commit to....

Let's see if I can make it!!

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Michael Hoskins said...

You can do it, on the 30 posts! Looking forward to reading them, and just trying to keep up with the awesomeness going on out there.