Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pump Prayers

Pump...Pump...Pump...thats all I've had on my brain lately.

We met with Kacey's CDE on the 17th and we discussed how to download Dexcom and use the charts to overlap with the pump charts. Kacey is on a Cozmo pump and since Smith's medical is no longer making the Cozmo, our doctor's office can no longer download the pump at the office anymore. They're phasing it out and if you're on a Cozmo then you have to email your logs prior to appointments or you have to print them and bring them in yourself. What a pain! So I had emailed Kacey's logs from her pump and our CDE printed them and showed us how to use Dexcom effectivly to make changes to her pump. It's the training that we didn't get right after we got Dexcom. We kinda just started using it and really didn't know how to USE it.

Cozmo logs are sorta screwy though. They print out straight up and down. It's the only feature I've never really liked about it and so when I print the logs, I end up feeling overwhelmed because I can't see it all on one page in front of me. As I voiced my opinion to our CDE, she showed us how she transfers them all to another sheet but then she went on to tell us that the other pumps aren't like that. They show them all on one page. Ahhhhhhh! So we took some time to chat with her about pump upgrades and it was a chance for Kacey to talk to her favorite CDE and get her opinion on the pumps. She couldn't sway us one way or another but she could tell us the one we've chosen is PERFECT for Kacey! Kacey asked lots of questions and then she said something that really got to me. She looked at our CDE and said, "You know, I loved Herbie with all my heart and I am not attached to Goober like I was Herbie. I'm in middle school now and I'm ready for a new pump." Shes READY! YES!!!! Shes's READY!!! As sad as we are to see Goober go, she's very excited about what's in store for her with a new pump. When you hold the new technology and you hold the old technology, it's pretty easy to make some decisions.

Sooooooo....The decision is final.....PINK PING IT IS!

Kacey is sure this is what she wants. So I made the call to the Animas rep that we met during pump class. I knew we had to go through her because she was so great with Kacey. She is so sweet but she said they were not sure if we could get approval because most insurance companies would not approve a new pump until the day after the warranty on the old pump runs out. WAIT! Thats crazy! So I told her I would call our insurance...jump through the language barrier hoops to speak to someone that speaks proper English...and ask them about coverage. She told me when I finally got someone, to get their name and extension so we could call back and deal with them directly. Excellent! Now for the BCBS....ring....punch numbers....ring...."Hello?" Oh-Em-Gee! An English speaker from the get go! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! The phone Gods were on my side today. So I explain to her about the pump...6 months from warranty running out....pump company no longer in business....can we upgrade NOW or do we have to wait til the warranty runs out completely? She explained that the pump was never purchased using that insurance so we can upgrade anytime. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! I tried telling them this back in Feb!!! But no one would listen to me!! :( Thats so frustrating! So I call the Animas rep back and tell her what the BCBS lady told me and gave her the lady's name and extension. I got the paperwork for the AOB and now it's a waiting game!

In the meantime, we need some prayers. Prayers that everything goes as planned and that there are no road bumps in the way. Also prayers for finances. Pray that financially we can make this happen for Kacey. Our insurance is a 80/20 for DME so we're gonna have to come out of pocket some for this and if we can make payments on it then that will be wonderful! I know God will provide and things will work out as long as we have faith but I'd love all the prayers to start coming in for this now.

So for now....we wait! I will update as we get the news :)

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Wendy said...

Praying FO SHO! I think she'll be pleasantly surprised when she has that remote in hand :)

It took me a little time to get used to "dialing up" the bolus. I MUCH preferred the pre-populated dose...but...THAT'S the little issue which caused a little legal battle...which resulted is the loss of Cozmo. SO...whatever. You get used to it.

The rest is pretty similar. LOVE the IOB feature...the way it breaks down the dose and includes IOB is AWESOME :)