Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Workout & Worship

Yesterday was my first day of what I call...Workout & Worship.

I hate New Year's resolutions. I always have! Every year I would make a list of things I would follow through with and by April, just about every one of them were thrown out the window. Then came discouragement. I've done this for years now. So this year I decided it was time to do something a little bit different. My best friend and I have started a program that I call Workout & Worship. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will walk several miles and then on Tuesday and Thursday, I am going to get on my elliptical at home. We both bought new sweatshirts that have headphones built into them and I made us a playlist for our iPods of nothing but fast feel good worship music. Yesterday we walked 2 miles! It was soooo cold... 28*....but we walked! It felt so good to get out into the brisk air. The faster I walked, the warmer I got. My goal for all of this is to drop weight but it's nice to have a partner that shares a similar life to be able to share this journey with. I'm not setting any high expectations of myself right now...small goals, right? So every time we drop 10 pounds then we're treating ourself to something special...manicure, pedicure, shopping...something fun!

When I came home yesterday, I was tired but I also felt refreshed. I feel like I'm giving myself a new start! I deserve it! So....c'mon Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Lincoln Brewster and more because we're on this journey together to get this weight off my rear end! LOL!

Here's to my new start!

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Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, it's so much easier for me to exercise when I do it to worship music! It's the same for a long drive - I can look forward to it if my iPod's plugged in on Chris Tomlin. Definitely a good motivation. :)

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

Great Job!! I am so excited for you!! I need some good worship music... anything specific you recommend?

Jill said...

Kelly...me too! I feel like I breathe deeper and feel more refreshed :) not to mention spiritually uplifted!

Shannon...right now my Workout & Worship playlist is...

Chris Tomlin-
Our God (Radio version)
I Will Follow
The Name of Jesus
How Great Is Our God
Sing, Sing, Sing
Your Grace Is Enough

Jeremy Camp-
Jesus Saves
Mighty To Save
Everlasting God
Give You Glory

Charlie Hall-
Marvelous Light

Lincoln Brewster-
Reaching For You


Then cool down and stretch
Chris Tomlin-
How Great Is Our God

What Faith Can Do

I have tons more but this is my playlist right now. I will drop you a CD in the mail when I send your shirt :) Most of these songs we've sang in church before and we've got an awesome band. Whats really cool is when you hear your kids singing these songs from the back seat and then when we go to church they turn to you and smile because they already know them! :) These songs are SURE to empower you and get you moving!! I soooo wish you all were closer!!! You could throw Joshua in the stroller and come with us!

Amanda said...

Good for you! My goal is to drop 1-1.5 pounds every week this year. Small goals are awesome!

:) Tracie said...

You need to put some SKILLET in there to get pumping!!! Some HAWK NELSON too!!

Hey...at least you're exercising....me, not so much!